Danny Venlet
Marcqstraat 24 1000 Brussels Belgium
Telefon: +32 2 2233828

“Although I’m generally considered to be a Belgian designer, I think my work is actually infused with the typical Australian laidback spirit – open, direct, freewheeling and relaxed. My work is wide-ranging: from mobile office chairs, ice-coolers and showers, to interiors for private mansions, bars and showrooms as well as exhibition design. Each project has a playfulness, which is expressed in clear simple outlines and fresh colours. The Gestalt (form or shape) of my designs is centred on the concept of playfulness, which in turn is linked to the idea of mind-games in which I continuously question and undermine given ideas about form, materials, scale, or the use of space and objects. This way of working ensures surprising results: the office chair that has the look of an over-sized baby-crawler or my shower that has the water fountain coming from the bottom rather than the top. My discreet, flexible, but topsy-turvy world is really an exercise in relativity, inviting the user to become a homo ludens – not boisterous and arrogant, but peaceful and humble, and with the perspective of a child, for whom anything remains possible.” (Max Borka)

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