CosmoDog - Accessories for Dogs
Fischerstr. 30 82266 Inning am Ammersee Germany
Telefon: +49 8143 9999044

Under the brand name CoDo® we develop new, functional products for dogs that enrich the lifes of dogs and their people. All accessories are exclusively handmade in Germany. This also means that we don't offer mass production, but small editions.

We develop with passion intelligent solutions and designs for daily challenges. Every day we learn from our dog as well as from the contact to other dog owners, what could enrich the life of dogs and their people.

Our products are characterized by our love for the material and its' finest processing. Each product is an eye catcher with a lovely touch and feel and excellent quality.

We carefully chose all components, such as leather, metal parts and thread, according to very strict criteria of functionality and design. What is fancy in fashion, stainless in water sports, secure in mountain sport and uncritical in the health area is the right ingredient for a CoDo Design.

Our products are precious pieces of jewellery, that provide protection and convenience. They are reliable companions with a high utility value. All products are made from high-quality, real leather, that develops its' character and makes the product over time even more beautiful.

Jewellery, Protection and Convenience
Handmade in Germany

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