corporate sound ag
centralbahnplatz 10 4051 basel Switzerland
Telefon: +41 61 263 20 63

Corporate Sound AG was founded by Peter Philippe Weiss in 1994 as the first sound agency for acoustic branding worldwide. We are pioneers in this field and pursue a systematic and conceptual approach that far exceeds just music or its implementation in audio-visual media.

We are innovators – and we are full of curiosity. Constantly trying our hands and ears at new ideas, concepts and products in the context of the fascinating dimension of sound as well as artistic projects, we inevitably come up with completely new and unheard-of conceptions and proposals for you as a customer.

We don’t run a recording studio. We are sound philosoph and considerably experienced in creating and composing sound in a small team functioning as a nerve center, using the latest tools and applying cutting-edge technology to create sound. If necessary, we bring in top specialists from our international network. Recordings for voices and instruments as well as mixes and masterings are done in various specialised external sound studios.

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