Communication Design SAL
14th Floor, Block B, Gefinor Center, Clemenceau, Hamra, Beirut 0000 Beirut Lebanon
Telefon: 009611755544

Communication Design SAL is a Book Design, Branding and Corporate Communications firm based in Beirut, Lebanon. Founded & led by Nour S. Kanafani [BE GD, American University of Beirut, Class of 1997]. The company opened its doors in 1999 under the name Nour Kanafani Design and in 2010 rebranded to Communication Design SAL.

Our firm is organized and run so that each team member can achieve his or her best – because good design satisfies the client, inspires team members, and gratifies the individual while encouraging personal growth.

During our years of business, we’ve created some of the region’s most timeless brands. Our obsession with perfection and attention to detail are evident throughout our portfolio. And our commitment to our clients is also evident in the long-term relationships we forge with them: growing with their needs and learning from their expertise.

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