CoDe | Jae Kim Architecture & Urbanism

Jae Kim I CoDeAU is a Seoul-based design office associated with a research laboratory at Hanyang University. In 2013, when the first two commissions were completed, Jae K. Kim established CoDeAU as a platform for innovative design strategies to oscillate between practice and investigation in architecture and urbanism. 

Jae Kim I CoDeAU aims to redefine two keywords, tectonics and form, as agenda:-Tectonics as dynamic and harmonious relationships of internal space, structural forces, materiality, and ornamentation.-Form as an agency to interconnect architecture with a city through its aesthetic aspect, public role, and social impact. 

CoDeAU’s projects reflect both theoretical and practical aspects. In research, the lab is currently dedicated to design and construction methodologies with a focus on digital wood craft and fabrication inspired by traditional wooden tectonics. This research has been granted by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning in Korea. In practice, the office has completed various scopes of projects from architectural and urban visions to built ones. 

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