14, Hyojaro-7-gil, Jongno-gu 110-040 Seoul South Korea
Telefon: +82-2-793-1313

– Who is BDCI?

BDCI is a deign studio established by a group of designers and marketers under an unified goal in 2006.

Our goal is to become a design studio progressive and creative to the maximum to satisfy the needs of the era.

Forecasting global scale integration of industries, markets, productions and consumptions, we plan to make an evident contribution through design by grasping the needs of our customers.

We recently have taken a step forward closer to our goal; we created a flexible network consortium that responds to various projects through the cooperation with multinational experts with global insights on production and consumption.

– Which fields has BDCI been working in?

In truth, we are working beyond the field of design.
Starting with consumer electronics product design, we have gone through diverse business fields including graphic arts, package design, exhibition, component technology improvement and startup business consulting.

The consortium system will cover a much wider range of fields than anyone can expect. The range of fields, which the consortium system will be covering is beyond your imagination.
We carry out a project in a consistent manner with a high standard. We start with product development consulting and many exerts in various fields cooperate as we go along the consortium design process: strategic planning, branding, shape, design, function, technology, color, texture, prototype, manufacture, finishing, packaging and marketing support.

Understanding free-market systems, we not only value aesthetic aspects but also other business aspects such as cost efficiency, competitive market, profitability and etc.
Our consortium system can respond to projects of all scales.
We have been accumulating experiences as we cooperated not only with large companies but also with small sized companies. We proceed each projects in a flexible manner by actively responding to the ever-changing global market with our multicultural experiences.

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