archohm is a design studio offering innovative design consultancy for architecture, urban design, interiors, landscape and product design. working across diverse scales, from products and furniture to residential projects, institutions and large-scale urban planning projects, archohm thrives with a single-minded focus on innovative design and an impetus to explore. following its inception in 1999, by virtue of a design competition, archohm's forte has been its design philosophy that propagates innovation and experimentation to develop aesthetical, efficient and economical design solutions.

with immense pursuit for cross-cultural dialogue, the firm’s has networked connections throughout the world. true to the archohm vision of design discovery and exposure, through its various initiatives such as archoforum (an annual international design workshop), archometer (a monthly design newsletter), archotour (an annual design tour), archontention (a design competition for students of design at the national annual convention), design village (an educational campus that aims to bring indian design to the global platform and global design education to india), archohm endeavours to proliferate design within the local and global context.

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