Company Story
The three anySCALE partners, Karin, Tom and Andreas, have known and worked with each other for over a decade in Beijing, first coming together as coworkers in their previous company. It didn’t take long for them to discover that they shared similar views and standards when it came to areas of design, business, and life in general. Raising young families and with their children attending the same school, they in particular share an affinity for certain life values such as leading a healthy lifestyle and designing considerately for the next generation. In 2011 the three friends decided to embark on their own adventure by founding SCALE in Hong Kong, the mother company of anySCALE. One year later anySCALE was founded in Beijing. Most recently the company is proud to announce it’s latest addition of anySCALE Shanghai in 2016.
When working on any project each partner has his or her unique strengths to contribute, and, like with different flavours in a dish, when combined they work well together to enhance and support each other. Andreas brings his invaluable experience in the automotive industry as well as his pure lines and clean, considered details to the table. Tom’s constant search for optimisation is balanced with his mischievous side, always staying ahead of the game by injecting an element of surprise into his projects. Karin brings sophistication and class to any project, and has a natural ability for understanding a client’s ideas and translating them into reality.
During the last five years Tom, Karin and Andreas have formed a strong presence in China’s design market. anySCALE has a reputation for strong corporate identity development and has become the design face for companies such as Soho China, BMW and Daimler. The company has grown from a staff of 4 to 24 by 2015, translating into a 150% year-on-year growth, and expanded over three locations. It’s safe to say anySCALE is on the rise, and we’re all excited to see where this adventure leads.
Scope of Service
Interior Design:
Working within given building structures is our core business. Almost any scale is welcome. Our team has worked on projects from 11sqm to 30,000sqm. Our general project approach incorporates a sequence of project service phases which will allow you to make timely and effective decisions in an organised manner, as well as ensure a smooth design progress with involved consultants. Our intention is to fully guide our clients through all design stages from initial sketch to the project’s completion and its handover to the users.
Our team of highly skilled foreign architects work on small to medium scale architecture projects throughout all design phases. We develop new building structures as well as work within existing building environments. All our team members set a high value on quality in general and on the quality of workmanship in particular to be sure our intended design can be realised.
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