Rehnsgatan 11 S-113 57 Stockholm Sweden
Telefon: +46 8 673 01 59

A&E DESIGN, one of the leading industrial design consultancies in Sweden, was founded in 1968 by Tom Ahlström (b.1943) and Hans Ehrich (b.1942), both of whom had previously studied design and metalwork at Konstfackskolan in Stockholm.

The late 1960s, when Ahlström and Ehrich took the decision to open their studio, was a period, when Scandinavia's classical design seemed to be at its end, when political protests and criticism of capitalism culminated, and many design students deserted into other professions. Nevertheless, A&E DESIGN succeeded in making a name for itself on the Swedish, as well as on the international scene.

Right from the beginning, A&E DESIGN focused on designing useful every day products, rather than concentrating on short-lived fashion trends. Plastics of all kinds have always played the leading part in A&E DESIGNs creative work, making this design consultancy one of the most experienced plastic designers on the market.
Beside the design of e.g. toothbrushes, dishwashing brushes, paint brushes, queue-ticket dispensers, electrical and medical appliances, lightning fixtures and furniture of all kinds, A&E DESIGN has specialized in design for disability.

A&E DESIGN is renowned for innovative product development, including meticulous working models, prototypes and mock ups, all produced in the company's own model work shop.

A&E DESIGNs product proposals usually turn out to be extremely competitive on the market. The famous Jordan dishwashing brush, for instance, has already been sold in more than sixtyfive million items! The design awarded STOCKHOLM II, folding stool for museum´s visitors, is now represented in more than 1000 museums all over the world.
A&E DESIGN has received 14 Excellent Swedish Design Awards and 5 Red Dot Awards, of which three for Highest Design Quality, the Best of the Best!

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