Piercarlo Zonato
Via Antonio Meucci, 7 5545 Verona Italy

Piercarlo Zonato, a visual communication expert, was born in San Bonifacio, near Verona, Italy, in 1970. He is head of Advertime, an agency that specialises in image advertising, editorial packaging and retail multimedia, and he is also the founder of Oneglass. Sparked by a passion for great wine and even better packaging, Oneglass draws on his extensive professional expertise. Projects are realised in collaboration with graphic designer Massimiliano Righi. Ever since attracting the attention of Marcel Carpin, CEO of German advertising agency Brandyourlife, Oneglass has been marketed in Germany.

What are the qualities a successful
communication designer must have?
Curiosity, a willingness to share ideas with people from different backgrounds and disciplines, and an ability constantly to learn.

Which of your projects has been
the biggest challenge for you so far?
Oneglass is obviously a challenging project. We’re still a small company and it’s only over the last four years that we’ve started operating outside of northern Italy. The challenge we’re working on now is transforming our vision into an international project.

What does the future of communication design look like?
It ultimately depends on what people need; it’s the
designer’s job to respond to that.

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