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Social responsibility: design for a good cause

In the “Social Responsibility” section, we present numerous communication design projects that focus on social campaigns. The variety of the work submitted for this category of the Red Dot Award: Communication Design is impressive. It includes apps, websites, advertising and social media campaigns, fundraising portals, posters and billboards, corporate design, films and tv and installations. Design has here been put at the service of a good cause with the aim of generating as much attention as possible for the hardship suffered by other people or for environmental issues, and sometimes also for doing something to contribute to a solution.

Emotions & call to actions: focusing on the target group

Despite the variety of work in this area, all these projects share significant common ground: in order to attain their respective goal, people have to be touched emotionally and receive a clear call to action. To achieve the first, it is important that the message be kept as simple as possible but is nonetheless forceful. The best social responsibility projects stand out because they do this not by counting on pity, but by being intelligent and charming through the use of good storytelling. As soon as the recipient feels addressed personally and emotionally, his or her willingness to empathise and to become involved will increase. As the first contact with the target audience tends, however, to be limited to a just a few moments, because interest in the subject only flares up briefly and the willingness to donate, to share an article to call up additional information is only short-lived, it is vital immediately to make the most of this willingness to act by offering a very straightforward course of action. That not only helps the good cause or the project, but also leaves the person, who was able to do some good without much effort, feeling good – a classic win-win situation.

Communication design: by people for people

The focus of other projects in this category is not to attract attention for a topic or to raise funds, but rather to support people quite directly with the help of communication design. This can be a website for the blind that is designed to be barrier-free or an app which makes it easier for refugees to learn the language of their new home country. Apart from that, the criteria by which the jury members of the Red Dot Award: Communication Design evaluate the projects in the field of social responsibility are, of course, the same as for projects in other areas. In addition to their emotional appeal, awards are bestowed above all for the design quality of the submission. A good idea alone is not enough. It must be developed in an exceptional and unique way in order to win a Red Dot. In this category of Red Dot 21 you will find Social Responsibility design projects from many different backgrounds and countries. Award-winning projects are marked with the Red Dot logo.