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Online Communication: the best design works

If you are looking for excellent examples of successful design in the field of online communication, then this category on Red Dot 21 is the right place. You will find superb e-magazines, successful e-shops, attention-grabbing social media campaigns and good web design. All communicative activities that take place on the Internet can be found under the category “Online” at Red Dot Award: Communication Design. Among them are company websites as well as online advertising, e-commerce or work in the field of social media. A special feature of this area is that it opens up immense scope for design possibilities. A vast range of different media can be integrated: text, photos and illustrations, infographics, video and audio data, music and other sound effects, information and game components, continuative links and e-commerce elements. That makes for a whole lot of interactivity and thereby a comprehensive medial experience for the users who are free to decide whether they will take advantage of an offer and which one – and for how long. As there are over a billion websites worldwide, users have the choice of a range of providers of information, services, online purchasing etc. in almost all fields. Once users have found their way to a website, it is a matter of persuading them as fast as possible of its quality. It is vital that the first impression is good. A prerequisite is a clear, tidy website with attractive aesthetics aimed at the target group involved. On top of this, guidance that enables users quickly and as easily as possible to find what they are looking for is indispensable. Clear navigation that employs distinct icons and remains the same on all subpages, clear instructions and feedback on the user’s activities are important elements of a successful graphic user interface design. This all contributes to the optimisation of the user’s experience with the website.

More than good web design

There are certain minimum requirements for good web design such as the structure of the website, including text and images or the integration of interactive elements. It is when work from the online communication area goes a step further down the creative road that it becomes really exciting for the design experts of Red Dot Award: Communication Design. They are attracted by examples that pleasingly differentiate themselves from similar web offers. For example, it can be a special aesthetic effect such as work whose individual photos are trimmed precisely to a company or communications event. It can also be a particular type of interaction with visitors or followers or a special way of addressing the target group which provokes a particularly high resonance – directly on the website or in the social media.
Particularly in advertising campaigns in the Internet, an amusing, shocking, reflection-provoking storytelling that is definitely surprising and entertaining is a good basis for the creation of maximum possible attention on a subject or a product and via the broadcasting in the social media a strong viral effect. In our categories online magazines, online shops, social media and web design, you will find outstanding work, some of which has been awarded a Red Dot for their high design quality. Just click on the image and you will discover more about the relevant project and the people responsible for it.