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Film & TV: Entertaining advertising works

The “Film and TV“ category presents entertaining advertising clips for TV, cinema and the Internet, as well as image and short films, and animations. This section therefore covers a very wide field – from art to commerce and everything in between. Every year, hundreds of short films and clips are submitted for the Red Dot Award: Communication Design. The jury has the job of carefully scrutinising them from a design perspective, but when it comes to judging them, the criteria for assessing their design quality are as diverse as the genres themselves. Advertising clips and image films are characterised by the fact that they serve a definite purpose: the sale of products or services or the building of brands. These are very clearly defined aims and the films are measured by how well they attain them. The films must be made in way that allows them to communicate the advertising message as they are intended to promote sales and create a certain image. However, the problem with advertising is that it is frequently regarded as an irritating interruption. Advertising films delay the start of the main feature in cinemas, interrupt favourite TV series, make an unsolicited appearance in the newsfeed or pop up while surfing the web. Consumers’ expectations are correspondingly low when they come across them. All the better if a clip manages to cast a spell over viewers within a matter of seconds and at the same time conveys its message in such a way that it makes a lasting impression. The best TV spots, cinema commercials and video spots pull off the trick of entertaining and selling at the same time. On average, they only have 30 seconds to do so, though it may be a little more in the cinema. If they are original, emotional, charming, funny or surprising and tell short stories that, in the best cases, portray the benefits of the product as if in passing, they are likely to capture viewers’ attention. Good television or cinema advertising as well as spots for the Internet can make us laugh out loud, shock us, make us think, inform us and expand our horizons. There are, today, several amazing examples of very intelligently made clips that are shared in their millions because of their originality and then go viral. Among the many submissions, the jurors always discover advertising gems that are particularly well-made, unconventional, creative – yet still effective. In other words, they not only entertain but also fulfil their objective in an optimal way. The test question, whether viewers remember not only the good spot, but also the brand or product it is promoting, serves as a good indicator for this purpose.

Animations – moving pictures

In the “Animations” sub-category we present imaginative animation films  based on different animation techniques. Some are used for advertising clips, documentaries or music videos, others are stand-alone little cartoon works of art. Many of the examples we show are based on illustrations or were produced entirely digitally. However, the underlying technology is less important than movement when it comes to evaluating the design quality of animations. The Latin word “animare” translates as “to bring something to life”. When reflecting on what makes a good animation film, one invariably comes up against at least the following questions: do the motion sequences work, are they plausible to the viewer? Are the animation dynamics good? Are the animations interesting to look at because different perspectives, backgrounds and stylistic devices ensure there is variety? In our image galleries, you will find many such fabulous advertising and animation films. Films that have distinguished themselves at the Red Dot Award are recognisable by the Red Dot logo. Some of these award-winning films can be viewed in full length if you select the Online winners’ exhibition of the Red Dot Award: Communication Design in the “Film & Animation” category. We hope you will find them excellent entertainment.