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Telecommunications with maximum ease of use and optimal design

In our “Telecommunications” category, we present smartphones, mobile phones, conference systems and matching accessories that offer top quality design. Every year, the jurors of the Red Dot Design Award see hundreds of products entered for the “Communication” competition category. Landline phones today only account for a relatively small proportion of the products submitted. What often distinguishes them, are their particularly good ergonomics. In other words, they are pleasant to hold and can be tucked between chin and shoulder for longer conversations so that the person on the phone has both hands free without immediately developing neck tension. The design focuses on functionality: simplicity of use and clear user guidance are essential. At the same time, these devices offer an increasing number of intelligent functions that however currently (still) play a rather secondary role. Whereas manufacturers tend to rely on a discreet, strictly functional design for office telephone and conference systems, they do offer more extravagantly styled models for use in the home. Some of them are even sculptural in nature and can therefore be considered part of the interior décor.

Choosing smart phones – the assessment criteria used by design experts

When you want to buy a new smart phone, design plays a very important role, not only with regard to the casing, but above all in relation to the user interface. Outwardly, devices are becoming ever flatter, screens bigger and with higher definition. When evaluating the casing, the design experts of the Red Dot jury pay particular attention to the touch and feel, precise workmanship and innovative design ideas. However, the design specialists also put a strong emphasis on the design of the graphical user interface. It should be designed to be so simple and self-explanatory that use of the device is largely intuitive. That is all the more important as the technical options offered by the compact devices are continuously increasing. When buying a smartphone, you should of course also ensure that it suits your personal user habits as much as possible. Is a long battery life important to you? Do you like taking lots of photographs? Do you tend to use it more privately or for work? To make phone calls, play games, stream or as a mobile office? Does it have to be robust or even waterproof, or is it perhaps also a status symbol? Is it intended for a child or an elderly person? You will find well-designed smartphones and mobile phones to suit all these different needs here on Red Dot 21.

Smartphone accessories – be perfectly equipped

You will also find any amount of entertaining, elegant, stylish and useful gadgets and accessories for mobile phones and smartphones in this Red Dot 21 category. With the right headsets you will be able to enjoy listening to music; with Bluetooth headsets, you can also make calls while driving or cooking. All manner of different power banks provide fresh battery charge while you are out and about, and docking stations allow you to keep your hands free and offer a good view of the display. The various different iPhone cases and smartphone covers not only protect your mobile phone, but also make it easy to adapt it to your own personal style. You will find all of these accessories and more if you take the time to browse through this category. Products, whose design particularly appealed to our jurors, are marked by a Red Dot on the product detail page. Products that are available to buy from our partner pages are marked with the corresponding symbol. We hope you’ll enjoy looking through the selection.