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Sports, leisure, fun: amazing design products for the active (among us)

In the “Sports, Leisure, Fun” section of Red Dot 21, we present the best design products for fitness, hobbies, holidays and pets. However you like spending your free time, there are products for (nearly) every activity that may allow you to have that extra bit of fun or may enable you to make a little more of yourself and the experience. Let’s take sport, for example. The Olympic motto “Faster, higher, stronger” is not only intended to galvanise sportsmen and –women to achieve their best and reach for gold. This attitude also shapes product development in the sports arena. What counts above all – whether it is for winter sports or water sports – is performance. Continuous improvement is the name of the game. That applies to bicycles, fitness equipment and other sporting goods, as well as to outdoor equipment, golf or the matching sports gear. Ergonomic considerations and maximum wearability and usability play just as an important a role as distinctive looks. In order to achieve the required durability and resistance in this area, manufacturers use innovative, high-quality materials even for the smallest detailing and thereby contribute to high product quality. By integrating sensors, new technologies and connectivity with the web, they furthermore ensure that products are becoming ever smarter. This is the result of higher expectations of leisure products and ourselves, as these types of functions and gadgets not only make sports equipment safer to use, but also help us in our drive for self-improvement so that we can achieve our best. Tools and fitness bracelets display our calorie consumption, wearables – in other words intelligent clothing – monitor our bodily functions, to develop fitness levels e-bikes can be ridden in different settings, and smart skipping ropes count rotations and thereby raise the effectiveness of training.

Design contributes to high performance and enjoyment

Less ambitious people will also find many sport and hobby products here for their leisure time that perform well and are fun to use at the same time. Sometimes a return to the Olympic ideal is helpful: taking part is what matters. Instead of high-tech mountain bikes, the ingenious designer folding bikes for the ride from your home to the train or from the bus to the office are also a good idea, or there are e-bikes or electro scooters for travelling through town and countryside. And those who enjoy spending their holidays hiking or trekking do not necessarily have to carry a lot. Ultra-light performance sleeping bags or tents provide a solution and don’t sap your energy, so you can focus on the essential. Well-designed musical instruments, designer pet supplies, novel means of transportation and sportswear that can double up as casual clothing can also be found in this section. There are even the right designer sex toys for intimate moments alone or with a partner. What they all share is good design, because that is what matters most to the experts on the Red Dot Design Award jury when judging the competition entries. Products that have already distinguished themselves at the Red Dot Award are, incidentally, recognisable by the Red Dot logo. We hope you’ll enjoy discovering what Red Dot 21 has to offer.