Room dividers

Well-designed partitions for optimal room division

We are introducing you to practical partitions, stylish room dividers and sensible partitioning elements with excellent designs in this category at Red Dot 21. Here, you will find exclusive products by the best manufacturers, which appeal to you through their design and well thought-out functions, and which allow you to partition rooms in various ways as well as to create functional room-in-room solutions.

A good atmosphere to work in through room dividers

Useful and attractively designed room dividers give a room a structured look and good acoustics too and also create an optimal work space in every office. This is because, very often, a large number of employees must be accommodated in a small area. This can be for reasons of the shortage of space or to promote more open working together. At the same time, dividing the room should also create a good place for working on one‘s own by providing you with low-noise surroundings and a private sphere so that you can concentrate on your work. It is for this reason that room dividers are indispensable for intelligent space planning.

Stylish partitioning elements for all build styles and room sizes

Functional partitioning elements from renowned designers and manufacturers are available in many varied models. They provide the right solution for all architectural styles and room sizes. One can choose between flexible and fixed room dividers. A well-loved and simple solution is the partition. For a long time, it was only an unsightly element in open space offices and now, designers and companies have succeeded in making it attractive once again by the use of attractive colours and high quality materials. Partitions and screens provide enough privacy from the view of others as well as private zones and good acoustic protection. Their slim and light appearance fits elegantly in office surroundings and their cloth covered surfaces in pleasing colours are appealing because of their striking aesthetics. An out of the ordinary variant for partitioning rooms is the so-called sound protection cube. These cubes can be freely combined with each other and can be installed as room dividers or partition walls and they can even be installed on the ceiling as dampeners of sound. The light and handy cubes are available in eleven colours and they create a special look in the office. But even furnishings such as open shelves filled with books and plants can create a soft division in a room. They emphasize the optically created separation. However, as light continues to stream through the shelf, certain areas still remain connected to each other. Aside from these movable constructions, rooms can also be restructured in a more permanent way through fixed interior design elements. Sliding doors or partitions are suitable for commercial spaces and offices. They regulate the acoustics in rooms – it is immaterial whether they are installed abutting a wall or just free-standing in the room. The elements are made of recycled materials and can be cut into many varied shapes and can also be printed on – this is particularly suitable when one is having a special occasion in the office and would like to put up striking designs.

Room systems for practical room-in-room solutions

Room systems allow planning to be flexible or even for the creation of full-fledged workplaces, independent of the available structure of the building. These are free-standing cubes, consisting of different modules, which can be modelled into closed or open rooms. This creates a good place where one can retreat to work on one’s own, or even as attractive conference or communications spaces.

Individual living style thanks to decorative partitions

Besides their use in offices, partitions can also be used in living areas in many ways to put the available living area to optimal use. Through the use of a partition, a large living room can be provided with its own cosy reading corner or the dining room can be optically enhanced. For someone who often works from home, a workplace can be created in the living room or in the bedroom. Partitions provide you with the required amount of protection from the view of others when you want to concentrate on your work and they also conceal the work area after the work is completed. Even in small rooms and one-room apartments, partitions help to separate the living area from the sleeping area and this without any loss of space. A well thought out partitioning is also suitable for the creation of children’s rooms: A sensible separation of the play and the sleep area gives the room an orderly structure and so, it helps the child to learn that different areas are meant to be used for different activities. You will find excellently designed partitions and many other products for the office in our online offers at Red Dot 21.