Office equipment

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Stationery and office products for modern working

Here, Red Dot 21 introduces you to office supplies such as writing devices, pads, office equipment and desk accessories with excellent designs. They differentiate themselves from the run of the mill office supplies through clever and excellent designs that are both functional as well as appealing through their high degree of comfort in daily use. There is a large offering of office supplies in specialist retail stores, stationery shops or in online shops – right from the ball point pen to writing pads and file covers up to post-it pads and filing systems for your desk. Our category is meant to help you in making the right selection. At the first glance, the individual products often hardly differentiate themselves from comparable office products. But when you analyse the new office materials carefully, you will find that the new items have been further developed and have been adapted to meet the latest requirements.

Handling and design: Writing with style

Elegant writing material like ball pens, mechanical pencils, fountain pens and text markers appeal with their clear shapes and intuitive handling. Nowadays, while manufacturing, as much attention is paid to the aesthetics as to the ergonomics. Designers and manufacturers have amazing new ideas for the various requirements of day to day work: Specialised pens and refills for writing, drawing painting or for presentations – analogous or in combination with computers and tablet PCs. The use of high-class materials such as wood, metal or plastics make long usage possible along with great writing comfort.

Office supplies for creative work

Beautiful stationery such as high-class writing pads, notebooks as well as colourful sticky notes and Post-Its are the ideal aids for creative work. These writing utensils promote hand-written notes even in the digital age – at the desk, on the move, while brainstorming with colleagues or also at conferences. The use of these products allows you to visualise ideas and designs excellently as well as to remember them better. Specialised products such as this stationery create a particular value while working: The exclusive paper and covers feel good in your hands and the colourful sticky notes are simply fun!

Cleverly designed filing systems for the overview in your office

Well designed, practical arrangement systems like pen holders and oddments trays give you a good overview for interruption-free working at your desk. By the use of good looking magnet systems for paper clips or dispensers for adhesive tapes as well as specially combinable trays, everything is at its right place and is easily reachable when required. Files and folders also support structured and systematic working. The many, varied design opportunities and the use of materials that have been thought-through, make some office products real eye catchers nowadays. They also become real companions! As no office can exist without technical equipment, reductively designed cable rollers, cable boxes and cable ducts are the ideal solution for annoying cables – by the use of these, every room looks tidy, well arranged and irritating trip hazards can be avoided.
In the case that you are now curious or are looking for new office supplies, then have a look at the extensive online offerings of Red Dot 21. The best design items that appealed to an international jury of experts have been awarded at the “Red Dot Award: Product Design”. These products are marked with the Red Dot label.