Office chairs

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Office chairs and desk chairs for a better design in your office

In this category on Red Dot 21, we introduce you to innovative office chairs, such as desk chairs, executive chairs, stackable chairs and stools. These have authoritative designs through their intelligent shapes and the use of high-quality materials. Through these, they stand out from the large numbers of ordinary office chairs and will satisfy you in daily use through their functionality and excellent comfort, as well. This category, offers you the best office chairs for the most varied requirements for daily office use. They have exceptional design quality and functionality – especially tailor-made for you!

The best office chairs for optimal seating

Office chairs must be comfortable and must be suitable for different weight classes and body sizes at the workplace. As many different jobs are carried out regularly while sitting, particular care must be paid to the ergonomics while in the office. It is only in this way that a healthy working environment can be ensured. Manufacturers and designers are well aware of this requirement and they make a high degree of seating comfort possible through tailor-made designs of the backrest and armrests as well as through the height of the seat. Even compact office chairs that do not have any mechanical components need a well thought out design and an optimal seating position. One who would like to actively change from sitting to standing regularly while working can do this by the use of height-adjustable stools and standing chairs as well as standing stools. Aside from this, the best office chairs and stools are characterised by the use of high-quality materials such as metal, the latest synthetic materials and durable upholstery and coverings. Colourful and light-coloured designs also guarantee an attractive working environment.

The right chair for every requirement

Many seating options are tailored to the daily use requirements at the office and they can be used for different purposes. Modern chairs are not used only as desk chairs but as visitor’s chairs or as conference chairs as well, by the use of reductive, customised designs that are timeless and elegant. Through the use of new-age materials, even the compact chairs are real seating wonders and an economical alternative for your desk or in the conference room. By the customisation of individual components such as the colour of the coverings, the chairs can be easily matched to various room colours, furnishings or to your personal taste.

Customised office chairs for your home office

Today, the right chairs can be selected for your home office, work corner or for the hobby area which will complement your home furnishings. Depending upon what kind of atmosphere you want for your work area within your own four walls, office chairs can be either formal or become real objects of attraction through snazzy designs and striking colours. These highlights are possible through a large range of colours and striking design solutions. The objective that the chair has to serve, plays a major role in the selection of the right office chair. The duration of use and the intensity of the work or hobby must be taken into account for the selection. We hope that we have been able to inspire you in the selection of your new desk chair, which will meet your requirements. In the case that you are curious about the offer made by Red Dot 21, then let yourself be satisfied by these attractive office chairs. Exceptional designs have been awarded at the “Red Dot Award: Product Design”. These awards are decided by international experts and are marked as such. If you have selected a particular design, you can purchase your new office chair directly via a partner link online.