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Exclusive products for the office and home office

In this section, we have put together designer products for you that will allow you to give your work environment in the office or at home a touch of style. They include elegant writing tools and office accessories for a motivating day at work, conference systems for professional communications, as well as office and study furniture that has the makings of a design classic. There has not been a separation between work and private life for a long time now. On the contrary, professional and private spheres are today increasingly converging. On the one hand, tablets, notebooks and smartphones allow us to work in our private spaces outside of normal office hours. On the other, both areas overlap to such a degree that they are almost indistinguishable. This development will be hard to stop in an era dominated by buzzwords such as productivity and permanent availability. Whatever you may think of this trend, only a few are able to avoid it. Instead of mournfully hankering for the good old days, you can choose to make the best of this development. Sometimes it is the little things that can brighten the supposedly dreary office, work routine and work life: a short chat with pleasant colleagues, a friendly email from a customer or a good meal with business partners. Another option is to create an environment at work – regardless of whether that might be in the office or in your study at home – in which you feel at ease. If you are going to spend as much or even more time at your place of work as you do in your living room, might it not be a good idea to pay a little of the same attention that you lavish on furnishing your rooms at home to this important part of your life? After all, appealing office furniture systems and office equipment  can also have a positive effect on work morale.

Office furniture and design accessories for life at work

On Red Dot 21, you will find plenty of well-designed office furniture for ergonomic work, as well as stylish office accessories that will enhance your daily routine. Setting up your place of work in accordance with your own preferences is of course easiest for those who work from home or have their own offices or business rooms, a surgery or chambers. Then you are able to select all office furnishings – from the floor covering to the colour of the walls, office furniture and work tools – to suit your own taste and convenience. In this case, the atmosphere you create is your business card, because it reveals a good deal about you and your style. First impressions count – even or perhaps particularly in the business world. Put it to the test and pretend you are entering your room/office for the first time and are seeing it through the eyes of a customer. Does the reception area appear too clinical? If so, you could counteract that with the help of exclusive home accessories or designer lighting  and lamps. And what kind of impression does your desk create? If it is the scene of creative chaos, then well-designed office products may help to bring some sort of order into it. Office cabinets and other storage facilities also offer well-organised space for files, books and office stationery, while the right office chair  not only supports your back, but can also be a statement – just think of the good old executive chair. Just take a look at our office accessories and furniture. You are bound to find something that is right up your street. You will be able to identify products in this category that were able to convince the design experts of the Red Dot Design Awards of their merits by the Red Dot. But we have also found plenty of other products that we thoroughly recommend.