Living & bedroom furniture

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Live and sleep in style with designer furniture

Some of the most beautiful new designer furniture has been brought together in the “Living and bedroom furniture” category of Red Dot 21 to help you to furnish your house in style. Here you will find many designer sofas, armchairs, chairs and tables that are of a high quality, and that radiate comfort. They harmoniously combine all the requirements of good furniture, convey their design quality at first glance, yet are still wonderfully inviting. In the cold, dark months of the year, stoves and natural or gas fire places in particular can create a sense of well-being. Free-standing shelves on the other hand not only help to maintain order, but can also be used as room dividers. They give large rooms structure and create clearly defined zones for example for an eating area with a large table and chairs, or a home office or play corner. Whether your style tends towards the spartan, elegant, classic, modern, retro, rustic or plain cosy, just a few carefully-selected accessories can heighten the effect or create an effective contrast. Don’t be afraid to be courageous. Small things like stools, cushions, candlestick holders, vases or even lighting can quickly be replaced, if you want to breathe new life into your home without immediately buying new furniture. While living and dining rooms still have a representative role, bedrooms are, as a rule, very much private spaces. How you design your bedroom therefore depends solely on what you consider to be cosy and conducive to sleep. The general rule of thumb is: the calmer a room appears, the better you sleep. Without a doubt the most important piece of bedroom furniture is the bed. It dominates the room and is its focal point. When choosing the bedstead you should pay attention mainly to width and length. The standard dimensions of two metres length are not sufficient for everyone, for example. And once you have offspring, a width of two metres is more comfortable for several people than space-saving 1.4 metres. Just as important as the bedstead are springs and mattress. Their purchase is a science in itself.

The living room: the décor tells volumes about our style

One’s home, above all the living room, is always an expression of one’s own style, so you need inspiration to create a tasteful interior. When guests come to visit, living rooms turn into a type of stage on which we move, present ourselves and interact with other people. If we are on our own or in the intimate circle of our family, we simply want to feel at ease and at home. This balancing act is easiest if you choose furniture that is beautiful, matches your own style and is at the same time comfortable. How we live says a lot about us – sometimes more than we would like. Perhaps you too are curious about other people’s homes. If you have just got to know someone and enter their home for the first time, your gaze is bound to roam through the rooms, sweep the walls and furniture, and will be caught by pictures, photos and holiday souvenirs. Within a very short space of time, we believe we have quite a good idea of the person who has invited us into his or her home, and rarely are we quite wrong. For our décor says a lot about us: which materials and colours we love, whether we are happy to experiment, prefer classic or modern things, value cosiness more than representation. Our decorating style also reveals whether we like inviting friends over to cook for them, if we love books or if the TV plays a leading role in our free time, whether children live in the household, whether we are sticklers for tidiness and cleanliness or if our own four walls are our retreat from work in which we see things in a slightly more relaxed way. You can take the hard work out of making a selection by buying products that have already had their high design quality attested by the independent design experts of the Red Dot Award. These products are identifiable through their labelling with a Red Dot. However, there is also other furniture included here that was able to convince us of its merits and may also appeal to you. Enjoy browsing.