Wall lights

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Wall lights to set lighting accents indoors and outdoors

You will find exquisite lamps, which set lively light accents, both for indoors and outdoors in the Wall lights category at the Red Dot 21 design portal. Allow yourself to be inspired by the diversity of models available here and have a look at the selected range of high quality models displayed as well.

Creating great light accents indoors

Aside from adequate ceiling lighting, wall lamps are also an essential part of creating a foundation for a good lighting plan, which will create a pleasing mood. Wall lights are particularly well suited for this purpose as they produce a special ambience with their indirect light. With these, you can create a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere where you can enjoy a nice glass of wine and good conversation when the bright, main lights have been switched off. It is because of this, that some wall lights remind you a little of candlelight and these models are especially in demand, if you want to design an interior with an intimate mood. However, a well thought out lighting arrangement for indoor and outdoor walls can do much more than just this: With the right products, you could effectively and aesthetically place objects like your artworks on display. In particular, pictures can literally be placed “in the right light” by illuminating them – of course, not too brightly. Then, there are spotlights, which when directed towards the ceiling, can be little artworks in themselves. The lighting effects and the play of light, which are created in this way, are very decorative and they enhance puristically furnished rooms in a very sophisticated manner. Some wall lights provide a graphic effect, others play with three dimensional effects and so, seem even sculptural. The appearance of the room can be made even more striking and appealing if several lamps of the same type are mounted on the wall and they illuminate a larger area. If the products emit a bright and directed light, they can be used as reading lamps. This is not only useful in your leisure time when you can take a good book to hand, but also particularly then, when you want to make use of these lamps possibly in your home office, which you can locate along a wall. Here, for example, a lamp, which can be directed upwards or downwards as selected (a combined downlight and uplight), can perform the task of ensuring the provision of the right illumination for both spheres of life – the professional and leisure.

Diversity in wall lamps and lighting elements design to enhance interiors

The spectrum of the available wall lamps is very large and this is just where Red Dot 21 can help you. We allow you to take a look at only the really well designed products to help you make up your mind on which to purchase. From restrained designs to light objects that are full of character and have an artistic touch, we have the right lamp for all purposes. The classic wall lamps with their shades, which were available in the past, have today been complemented by timeless modern designs that augment even the most diverse furnishing styles through their smooth elegance. Each lighting element also creates its own light effects and that is something that you must also give a thought to. There are energy-saving lamps, LEDs, halogen lamps and solar models for outdoor installation available in the market. LEDs are presently the most interesting option due to their long service life and high energy efficiency. They offer new directions in design and are available with different cold and hot light temperatures – and are also available in various colours. Besides all this, they have also resurrected the old incandescent bulb in another form: As the LED bulb with a filament. Dimmable lighting solutions also allow you to adjust the intensity of the light to the respective need and, due to this, they can have varied applications. Many manufacturers are taking particular care that their products are non-glaring and this property clearly increases the comfort feeling, even more. However, the most remarkable trend is that the lighting element itself is now being designed in such a way that it is optically appealing even when switched off!

The right wall lighting for access areas and for the garden

Lamps for the garden and for access areas to the house can beautify the entrance and so, they should not satisfy you through their functionality alone. They must also be aesthetically appealing. For these areas too, there are several exceptional designs available which do justice to even the most sophisticated architecture. Good lighting at the entrance improves the feeling of security. Outdoor lamps fitted with motion detectors or brightness sensors are also very effective. Lamps, which are installed close to the floor, are suitable for places that are not illuminated by street lights. Light sources, which are to be installed outside, must naturally have the corresponding resistance to weather conditions and weathering. So, the metal used must be provided with a corrosion resistant coating and the lighting element itself must be protected against the ingress of water or condensation. But, outdoor lighting should not only be functional, it should also create a pleasant environment. Here at Red Dot 21, you will be able to find outdoor lighting solutions whose light will convert the terrace into a full-fledged room. Cubic, round, amorphous, rectangular or square – the choice is yours and through that, you have the opportunity to decorate rooms in just the way that you desire through wall lights. In our online offers at Red Dot 21, you can find a broad selection of outstanding lamp designs by the best manufacturers and designers. You can order many of them directly online via the link to our partners.