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Torches are reliable sources of light

In this category of Red Dot 21, we are introducing you to torches with superb designs. These are LED torches, battery torches and flashlights. They impress you with their design, which integrates optimal functionality with very high quality. Through their exceptional degree of comfort when used, they will certainly help you at times when some more light needs to be shed on something.

Bringing light into darkness: Torches can be used in many ways

Torches are always used when a source of light is required which can bring brightness into dark surroundings at the touch of a button. As these are mobile dispensers of light, which can be comfortably held in your hand, torches give you better visibility through their beam of light, wherever it may be required. It is for this reason that their areas of application are extremely diverse such as, for daily use, at work or when indulging in your hobby. Flashlights should always be readily available in every household so that they can provide you with the required illumination when there is a power failure or when light is required in a dark cellar or attic. High-performance flashlights are suitable for outdoor activities such as excursions, camping, hunting and fishing and they can also be used as hand-held lamps or working lamps which can be held in your hand and can also have a bracket to mount them on the wall or a stand to keep them upright. Aside from this, some products also have a higher light intensity and are a little larger and heavier. Practical headlamps, which can be mounted on your head or on a helmet, provide you with the perfect light for erecting a tent or when studying a map. With these, your hands are free to do other things. Additionally, there are special diving lamps, which can withstand a particular water pressure and which are especially bright. They are used to provide light when diving. Especially small and light models such as mini-torches and pencil torches can be carried around in your pocket or bag and are particularly helpful when the keyhole on the car’s door must be better illuminated at night or in the dark season.

Finding the right torch thanks to the large selection available

In order to find the right model, the features the torch has, as well as the area of application must be taken into account before making the purchase. One of the most important factors is the amount light emitted. There are models which emit 50 to 250 lumens and these should “only” be used in the house or yard or for short walks when it is dark. From 250 to 500 lumens, the torch can be used for hiking too. Everything that exceeds that range matches that of the tactical lamps used by the police, firefighters or when hunting. From 1000 lumens upwards, they are special lamps for extreme outdoor sports. How long the torch will stay lit varies depending on the frequency of its use as well as whether it has different operating modes and if it has a practical battery-saving mode. It is for this reason that the manufacturer’s specifications, which are given in the product description, must be read carefully.

If the torches are used often and for longer periods, it is recommended that you pay particular attention to the weight and the size of the torch models. The reason for this is so that your arm does not tire when you use it for long periods. In addition to that, you should select a stronger material of construction such as aluminium instead of plastic. A practical layout of the operating buttons on the housing ensures safe and comfortable handling, as well. In order to make this handling even more comfortable, many manufacturers and designers have fitted their products with sensible extras such as sensible wrist straps, or a design which does not allow the torch to roll away, or some torch types also have a high-performance battery which can be charged, along with a charger.

So, if you are looking for high-quality torches, take a look at the wide range of offers available at Red Dot 21. The best designs have been judged by an international jury of experts at the Red Dot Award: Product Design and they have been awarded the Red Dot Quality Seal. Products, which you can purchase directly online through a link to our partners, are also marked as such for your convenience.