Exterior lighting

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Modern exterior lighting for a beautiful home

Decorative and functional exterior lighting with excellent designs for your house, garden and balcony are presented to you in this category at Red Dot 21. Beautiful and high quality exterior lights make the entryway to your home and garden safe, both at night and when visibility is poor. Through the use of sensible exterior lighting, the features there can be tastefully enhanced and through that, the architecture of the house and the specific design of the premises can be stylishly emphasised. We would like to help you in the selection of your exterior lighting, so that you can find the right solution from the large variety that is available and so that you can utilise light as an important design element in the presentation of your home or of the outer portions of your apartment in an accomplished way. This is because every home can get that “particular something” with good lighting.

Safety and creating a mood through exterior lamps

High quality and stylish solutions for modern outdoor lighting are offered by leading manufacturers and designers through a diversified range of products. Optimal lighting of different parts of the premises can be achieved through products with integrated movement sensors or sensor systems, through discreet spotlights or decorative pedestal-type lamps and standing lamps. Whether these products should be installed permanently in the ground or on spikes, which are inserted into the ground, depends on the existing features of the premises. Decorative lamps can also be chosen for that special look, these should then match the façade and the outside premises. Amongst others, these include lamps in the shape of glass spheres. The bandwidth that is available in this segment is huge – whether it is a timeless design made of stainless steel, modern variants made of stone and concrete or the classic frame made of brass or copper. When the shape and the material match each other well, the outdoor lighting can harmonise with the house or garden perfectly and one gets a nicely integrated whole. Through the selection of the colour of the glass and the light source, you can define the colour and the intensity of the light. It is ultimately your decision as to whether warm or cold light suits your house. However, you must consider, which degree of brightness is desirable for the size of your property or for the portion that should be illuminated. But, independent of that, every product must be suited for outdoor use and must also be weather-proof. Which weather conditions the product, which you have selected, is meant for, is given on the packaging as the IP rating of the product.

Lighting accents for your terrace and balcony

Weather-proof, base-mounted or standing lamps are suitable for the terrace or for the balcony as they also create an inviting atmosphere and make your summer evenings magical. Even those people who only have a balcony, can decorate the small area with outdoor lamps. These include spots for flowers pots, light garlands or practical outdoor candles. Many of these products are powered with solar energy or by a battery. If you would like to use very strong energy-saving light sources, then you can make use of energy saving lamps or outdoor LED lamps. If you now have been motivated to get new exterior lights, then take a look at our varied online offerings at Red Dot 21. Here, you will find designs which have been awarded at the Red Dot Award: Product Design, by a jury of experts. Products, which you can order directly online through the link to our partners, are marked with the red button with the label “Go to Shop now”.