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Classy desk lamp designs for optimal lighting in the workplace

Red Dot 21 presents under “Desk lamps”, a range of elegant lights that provide perfect lighting at workplace at any time of the day. The requirements for a constructive lighting at the desk are high and in its accord, the range of lighting models is also varied. It ranges from simple to extravagant. You spend your entire day taking care of tasks such as reading, writing and sorting in the office and again in the evening at your home desk or in the home office. The appealing designs of desk lamps presented here provide the right lighting solution to suit every taste. They are equipped with innovative technologies that provide sufficient lighting for every work space. With them, your work space will definitely make heads turn.

Bright desk lamp for good visibility

Working automatically gets easier, when the desk lamps provide bright and direct light and therefore good visibility and lighting conditions. In addition, it makes it easy for you to concentrate when you are reading or writing, as it protects the eyes and hence the forehead stays relaxed. The ambient lighting is crucial to relieving eye strain in the best way possible. The illumination of your study or work space should ideally consist of basic bright lighting and skilfully accentuated light zones. The documents lying on the table can be directly spotlighted or the work space can be illuminated specific to your needs. If the light source is flexible and has a rotating or swivelling torch head, the light beam can be directed to where it is most needed. In contrast to parking lamps, which have the same effect and are often used as a reading light, desk lamps are mainly space-saving and pleasantly compact.

Choose the lamp design according to individual needs

The activities to be carried out when working at the desk are usually at the forefront, because you rarely focus on the surroundings. Nevertheless, a beautifully designed designer lamp is pleasant on the eyes, if you let your mind wander as you take a break. They take on the role of a decorative element that adorns the interior of the room. There is an extensive range for selection and the market offer ranges from minimalist design models to vibrant models with arresting designs of lampshades. The models for nursery rooms are often decorated with imaginative and amusing designs that are designed to make it fun for children while they do their homework-assignments.

Which lamp design is best suited for the individual needs is also dependent on the size and shape of the table on which it is to stand. The kind of lighting atmosphere you prefer to work in plays a pivotal role. Some may like it pleasantly discreet and yet sufficiently bright, while some may prefer it to be stimulating and intense.

The suitable illuminant for the small desk

If you have a small desk, either a small reading light with a narrow base or a clamp light is a suitable illuminant. They both take up very little space. The advantage of the clamp light is its position on the outside of the table top, which can be flexibly changed at any time. Alternatively, you can use tubular, narrow lamps with a flexible neck that can be bent manually. If necessary, some lighting can also be done on the side. The cone of light can be flexibly aligned such that it makes it easier for eyes to cope with different viewing requirements in the best way possible.

Stellar designs of lighting models for the large desk

A spacious desk with enough space offers more options for setting up the table lamp, if it may like to flaunt a striking design. Many larger models often have a pedestal that takes up space. Extravagantly designed lampshades require sufficient space when opening up in the room height, where their beauty can be rightly seen. For this reason, please pay attention to the position of the table in the room and any restrictions of height, e.g. due to a sloping roof or similar, if you opt for a larger version of illuminant. Desk lamps with an elongated torch head in bar or T-shape radiate and distribute light evenly over a larger area.

The appropriate desk lamps for productive work

To find the right kind of desk lamps, you should be familiar with the most important quality criteria that are crucial for productive work.

  • The monitor of the computer is usually also on the desk. Make sure that the lamp does not dazzle and cause annoying reflections on the monitor. Find a suitable place on the work desk and then decide which type and size of lamp are the most suitable.
  • Always choose a bright table lamp depending on the other light sources in the room. E.g. a dimming function expands the scope for requirement-specific lighting conditions as it helps to set different brightness levels.
  • If you use the illuminants frequently enough, make sure you have the ones with low power consumption and good longevity when purchasing, by choosing an LED table lamp. There are models available with both fixed and with exchangeable LEDs.

If you are in the mood to treat yourself with a new desk lamp, please take a look at the variety of online offers by Red Dot 21. The red button with the caption “Visit store” indicates products that you can directly order online via a partner link.

On that note, we wish you a happy session of browsing through and discovering chic designer lamps!