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Designer lamps & lighting – more than a beautiful illusion

We have assembled some exceptionally well-designed lamps, luminaires and other lights for in- and outdoor use in this section of Red Dot 21. Many of the designer lamps that you will see here have won the Red Dot Award for very good or outstanding design quality. So you can rest assured that this is where you will find what you are looking for: first-class light solutions in the truest sense of the word. Using the right lighting in interior design is an art in itself. Gentle, dimmed or indirect light makes it possible to create a harmonious ambience and a cosy atmosphere. Warm candlelight can be used to enhance the mood. Soft lighting helps to let our wrinkles disappear just as much as little defects on walls and fluff on the floor. Light of this kind is generous; but as beautiful as it is, it is not sufficient for all purposes.

Presenting your rooms in the proper light with designer lighting

When planning lighting, it is important to consider that rooms in general require three types of lighting to offer sufficient illumination for every eventuality: Light sources to illuminate the entire room. This includes ceiling lights and uplighters, for instance, but also bright pendant lights and wall lights. Targeted work light such as the reading light in the bedroom, lighting on mirrors for skin- and facial care, shaving or make-up, desk lamps for work, spotlights over the hob or designer luminaires over the dining table. Accent lighting to highlight individual objects or pictures. And there are those light sources whose purpose is inherent: they are light sculptures that invariably attract attention. Which form of lighting you use is a matter of taste. Halogen lights are well suited to creating highlights, in the form of ceiling spots, for example. LED lights, which were regarded with a degree of scepticism until fairly recently, are, in the opinion of the Red Dot Design Awards’ expert jury, increasingly being harmoniously integrated into designer lighting concepts as a matter of course. They allow designers great creative freedom and have actually resulted in making more new lighting solutions possible than were available just a few years ago. By now, they are even standing up well as replacements for light bulbs, whose demise was so often lamented. At the Red Dot Design Award, numerous light sources that reference the good old-fashioned light bulb in their design have won awards for their high quality. However, they offer far better properties than their predecessors in terms of light intensity and energy consumption and are even suitable for us in crystal chandeliers. If you then add a few candles or fairy lights as decoration here and there, you will be well prepared for the evening and the darker months of the year. Here on Red Dot 21, you will find a wide range of different designer lights for both indoors and outside, including delicate pendant lights, elegant standard lamps or discreet spotlights. Recessed luminaires and lighting that have been awarded a Red Dot by our design experts are marked accordingly, as are those which you can buy directly from one of our partners via the relevant link.