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In the Kitchenware category on Red Dot 21, we present functional kitchen aids that are useful for the preparation of food and drinks. The offer spectrum ranges from high-efficiency mixers and multifunctional food processors to classic waffle irons to digital scales and much more. These practical kitchen tools specialise in the most diverse kitchen work and must find a place in any well-assorted household. Their job is to simplify preparation as well as cooking by accelerating the work steps and making them easier. Either they are simple kitchen appliances to be operated manually, which remind one of the earlier days, or they are electrically operated all-rounders with sophisticated technology. They chop, whisk, cut, shred, mix, fry, mash, steam and juice.

Functional kitchenware in contemporary design

Functional kitchen appliances are real all-rounders of the kitchen because they combine practical operation and versatile features with contemporary design. For an attractive design is no longer limited only to interior decoration, but it extends today to articles of daily use as well. Attractive designs make kitchenware appealing and make it fit in perfectly with the image of kitchens in modern households. They are also impressive thanks to the sophisticated quality achieved, for instance, with the use of sturdy materials which ensure longevity. What’s more, the modern kitchen aids make an impression with their design, which is expressed in variegated shapes and colourful fronts as well as innovative features. Colourful universal food processors with a touch display, sous vide tools that can be operated via app or futuristic-looking water filters can be found in several households today. Renowned brands such as KitchenAid, Moulinex or Bosch offer a wide range of beautiful devices specialised for the kitchen. Kitchen aesthetes can get their money’s worth and can delight in the diverse styles available. The styles from the past years are making a comeback especially when it comes to kitchen appliances, such as the retro style that can be seen again in several product ranges of the manufacturers.

Kitchenware with the latest technology – Cook like a professional

Modern kitchenware is equipped with the latest technology and wins over with ingenious ideas that simplify daily work in the kitchen. They take care of difficult tasks independently and with less effort and help in implementing cooking ideas with perfection. For instance, not only can the dishes for a menu be prepared quickly but also in diverse ways, just like professional cooks do. For cooking is no longer a “tedious” necessity that needs to be “taken care of”. Quite the opposite, actually: Cooking is considered to be a holistic experience that signifies relaxation along with pleasure. It is all the more helpful when it leaves you more time to concentrate on the experience of cooking and to try out different methods of cooking. The lengthy cutting and shredding work of fruits and vegetables, for instance, takes up a lot of time, which can be invested better in trial and error and in experimental cooking experiences. High-grade kitchenware, irrespective of whether it is a specialised device or an all-rounder such as a versatile kitchen appliance, helps in valuable time savings. With their high performances, an uncomplicated operation and ensuring diverse security standards, these appliances are considered to be “masters” of the kitchen. The sous vide cooking method is particularly popular amongst cooking professionals and is on everyone’s lips at present, for which special sous vide cookers are on offer. But even Dutch ovens, thermal mixers, small high-performance grills or vacuum sealers are popular and are considered to be trendy household products that make for eye-catchers in every kitchen.

If you would like to discover currently popular kitchenware, you should take a look at this category. Some of the specialised devices by renowned manufacturers here on Red Dot 21 can be directly ordered online from our partner shops via the shop link labelled “Go to shop now”. With one click on the manufacturer’s profile, you can find other design products of the respective manufacturer, which are available in other product categories and other aspects of life.