Coffee machines

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In this category on Red Dot 21, we present to you classic coffee machines and fully automatic modern coffee machines to prepare your cup of coffee. For those of us who are passionate coffee drinkers, the popular hot brew with its flavoursome-aromatic fragrance is just the thing to get the day started on a refreshing note. Coffee awakens our spirits! The hot beverage is a mandatory accompaniment to a cosy coffee-table gossip with friends. You can either go for classic filter machines or fully automatic innovative coffee machines in a chic look, depending on your kind of brew.

Coffee machines as designer pieces

Coffee machines have come a long way. From a common kitchen appliance, they have advanced to a designer piece that not only is used in the kitchen, but also finds its place in the living room. Along with the simple brewing of coffee, they also work their way into our hearts as lifestyle products that are appealing both visually and functionally. That is why the demand for designer coffee machines is growing exponentially. Many manufacturers and coffee experts supply customers with trend-setting fully automatic machines as well as with suitable accessories, and design chic coffee machines with advanced technology that make coffee drinking modern. Some coffee machines bear hefty price tags, which is justified by the nitty-gritty of the design. If you happen to observe the size of these coffee machines, you will come to know how important the designing theme is. It has been an immense challenge for the designers to create a design that does not look like an unpleasant foreign object in the house. Exquisite high grade materials, such as stainless steel are used for production, so that the coffee machines are in no way inferior to a beautifully designed piece of furniture.

Fully automatic coffee machines with versatile range of functions

Equipped with a timer, warm-keeping mode, milk frother and coffee grinders, the coffee machines are tiny technological marvels that help you prepare coffee. The numerous model variants that are a treat for the eyes and the palate deliver the perfect brew at any given time. They will spoil you for choices with innumerable variants like Latte macchiato, Cappuccino, Café au lait or Espresso. You can often have two cups filled just at the push of a button. It is no longer uncommon to have a fully automatic machine cleaned with rinsing and descaling programmes or to get a customised beverage or even effectuate remote maintenance at the push of a button within a matter of minutes. These modern features turn drinking coffee into an experience or can help make a great impression, almost acting like a business card of a company, when it comes to making sure that professional coffee preparation forms part of a good presentation or meeting.

Models as per your choice of brew

When purchasing a coffee machine, make a choice based on your individual drinking habits, choice of flavours and preference of brew. For instance, it depends on whether everyone at home loves classic filter coffee or coffee from pods or capsules. Traditional filter coffee machines are suitable for filter coffee, whereas fully automatic coffee machines churn out different kinds of brews from finely ground coffee powder. Espresso, Cappuccino or Latte macchiato lovers should go for such fully automatic coffee machines. In addition, your coffee consumption per day is a key factor in deciding a suitable model that meets your personal needs. For single households, the practical coffee pod or capsule machines could be well worth considering. The operation is totally user-friendly: Fill the water tank with water, insert a pod or a capsule perfectly into the provided groove and then press the start button. And within seconds, your “cup of coffee” is ready, fresh and hot. A bigger family with many coffee lovers or an individual who drinks a lot of coffee is well off with a filter machine. The coffee is slowly poured over with hot water and fills the pot. That way, the flavours unfold particularly well. A fully automatic machine that churns freshly brewed coffee pressed out of ground coffee powder is usually more expensive to buy than the filter machine, but the beans ground freshly every day ensure unvarying freshness. Passionate coffee connoisseurs swear by an Espresso maker or Espresso machine. In both, the beans are freshly ground in a coffee grinder. The Espresso maker is the most original way to prepare Italian coffee.

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