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The modern designer kitchen –hybrid cooking and living

In this section of Red Dot 21, we showcase kitchen design – from fitted kitchens to kitchen furniture, electric appliances and fittings. A kitchen is a kitchen is a kitchen. Really? A kitchen is what you make of it. Today, kitchens are often open at the dining end or may even be both cooking and living space rolled into one. They have evolved into both living and communication spaces in which delicious meals are first prepared and then enjoyed together in in good company. It’s a great development as it has resulted in bringing together what belongs together – cooking and eating, parents and children, hosts and guests. The end effect is greater sociability. And an increased appreciation of the work involved in preparing the meal. In order for the cooking and eating area to be able to take over from the sitting room as the centre for family and social life, it has to have a pleasant, cosy atmosphere. The kitchen is no longer simply a pure workspace fitted out and equipped according to clinically sterile and strictly functional principles. You are therefore allowed to add a dash of colour to the kitchen or use natural materials such as wood in order to create an inviting environment. That applies as much to the actual workspace as to the kitchen furniture, kitchen appliances such as the dishwasher and kitchen accessories. Even if the layout of your home means you still have to cook and work in a small, separate room, you can still turn your kitchen into a space in which you enjoy spending time.

Furnishing your kitchen and selecting electrical appliances

In the “Kitchen” section of Red Dot 21, you will find designer kitchens, kitchen units, fitted and freestanding appliances all notable for their good design. Tegardless of whether you tend to prefer romantic country-style kitchens, elegant designer kitchens, cool retro kitchens or rather robust family kitchens, you will find well-designed solutions and products for every style and every size. Before investing in a new kitchen, you should however pay attention to the detail and keep the following questions at the back of your mind: what is the workmanship like – for example, do the drawers open easily and smoothly? Is the height of the work surface right? Many manufacturers offer different sized units. Does the kitchen have enough storage space? Is it well organised and easy to reach? Is the work surface sufficiently large and can the sink potentially be covered or are there extensions, which make it possible to increase the work surface of a smaller kitchen? Once you have decided on a kitchen, you will need the right electrical appliances. A fridge or a combi fridge-freezer, gas or electric, stand-alone or fitted cooker, oven with or without steam cooking function, induction or gas hob, an integrated extraction hood or one that is installed above the hob? There are countless ways of equipping your kitchen to suit your preferences and needs. Many of these kitchen appliances are today intelligent and digitally networked. In other words, they come equipped with sensors and cameras that enable you to control and manage them while you are out of the house. Some fridges come with cameras that allow you to take a look inside while you are in the supermarket, so you can see if you need more milk. Other than that, what counts when it comes to kitchen appliances is their efficient use of space and energy while also meeting the highest levels of hygiene and ease of use. Of course, this section also includes a large number of coffee machines, fully automated coffee machines and other smaller kitchenware such as mixers, juicers, toasters and other kitchen equipment. Products that have already won a Red Dot Design Award are identifiable by the “Red Dot”. Some of these products are available online through our partners.