Table accessories

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Stylish table accessories for that perfectly decorated table

We, at Red Dot 21, are presenting table accessories and decorative items with exceptional designs to you here. These include candle holders, water carafes and salt and pepper shakers. These exclusive products, produced by the best manufacturers, which are being presented here, appeal to you through their extraordinary designs and they will create the perfectly laid table when placed alongside your special crockery, gleaming cutlery and attractive decoration pieces.

Create that unique look with table accessories

At every occasion, you can create a personal and exclusive look through high class accessories and well-designed utensils. These work well when laid out, ready for use, on the table. Eating and celebrating with others is one of the nicest ways of getting closer to each other. This custom has a permanent place in society in almost all cultures. It is especially at celebratory occasions that the special event is made even more noteworthy through good food and a beautifully decorated table. It is even better when your own home is the place where your family, friends or business partners can be pampered. Aside from the culinary delights, this can be achieved through stylish table accessories, which become optimal supplements to a classic dinner set. With the right products, you not only place beautiful eye catchers on your table, but you also give your guests useful helpers, near at hand, which can make the evening really successful.

Small helpers for a pleasant atmosphere at the table

Many of these small helpers accompany us daily while we eat. They are always close at hand and, at the same time, they also help to serve us. In addition, they make the mood at the table more relaxed, because no one needs to leave their seat to get spices from the kitchen, for example. Useful salt and pepper shakers, a classy oil and vinegar set, an exceptional bottle opener or a stylish carafe to pour out more water or wine are indispensable to make dining even more pleasant. Even small salt and pepper mills become real eye catchers as part of the table decoration due to their innovative designs. If they are fitted with a special recess, they can also collect the ground spices from the mill in it. These spices can then be dispensed exactly where required in just the right quantity by tapping lightly. High class, cool carafes for cold drinks and decanting carafes for wine made of clear glass and stainless steel cooling base pads are a stylish way to present drinks at the dining table in an appealing way. Besides pouring the drinks out, drip free, refilling the wine into a decanter also helps the wine to come into contact with oxygen and so, allows the aroma of the well-loved juice of the grape to develop fully. Other table accessories such as coasters and place mats do not only protect the table cover, but also provide a frame for your elegant cutlery and plates. A decoratively folded napkin can then be placed on the plate for further enhancement. If the products are made of good quality materials and have a well thought-out design, they even please you in daily use and so, give you the required comfort. Trays made of stainless steel, wood or plastic help you in serving the various dishes and drinks in a stylish way. They are also a necessity when you finally clear the table.

Table decoration – for a nice overall image of the dining table

Table decorations and table accessories have a long tradition. It is due to this, that they are available in many different shapes and sizes and so, are suitable for every style and personal taste. When setting the table, there are almost no limits set for your fantasy: You can work with products made of glass, wood, china or metal, you can select modern and timeless table accessories or surprise your guests with striking decorative bowls and bottle coolers. A real eye catcher – whether on a table that has already been laid or even as a decoration piece in the kitchen, dining room or conference room – is a champagne cooler. A decoration piece like this, with a wide shape and inspired by the Italian Falzzoletto style of the 1940s, is a real attention getter. You can also set special accents through extravagant candle holders. Candles, especially, are a necessary accessory on a well-decorated table, as they throw a particularly warm light and help in creating an intimate mood. By the use of out of the ordinary candle holders made of colourful plastics and extravagant, geometric shapes, you show that you are up-to-date with current trends and can provide a modern touch. Other decorative pieces such as vases or small figurines round out the overall picture of a smart dining table. Whether it is a meal with the family, a birthday or a business meeting: In our online offers at Red Dot 21, you will find a huge selection of excellently designed table accessories from renowned manufacturers and designers. You can also order some selected products directly online via the link to our partners.