Kitchen accessories & tableware

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High-quality kitchen utensils and tableware with sophisticated details

In this Red Dot 21 section you will find unusual and Red Dot award-winning kitchen utensils and tableware featuring high-end materials and fabulous design. All the items related to food preparation, cooking, baking, serving and storage that we have put together for you are exceptionally well-designed and thought out down to the last detail. Many of them are also space saving or multi-functional. We have a few surprises in store for you! Carving, filleting and flambéing are all accomplishments whose perfect mastery is likely to attract a good deal of recognition and praise. Other jobs we do every day without anyone caring two hoots about them. Nonetheless, these activities are simply part of life in the kitchen. Luckily, there are designers that think about how they can create kitchen appliances that make work easier or that will optimise processes. These kitchen utensils, pots and saucepans have aesthetic appeal, but what makes them really fascinating is only revealed in their use. Well-known products such as sieves, whisks or lemon presses have been so well thought-out that one cannot help wondering why no-one else hit on the idea of improving them in this way before. These types of kitchen aids regularly also appeal to the design experts on the Red Dot jury. If they meet the highest standards of material, hygiene and aesthetic qualities, they are awarded a Red Dot. Another important consideration for kitchens is the storage space. Whether you have a large open-plan kitchen or a small kitchenette, somehow there is never enough space. If this sounds familiar, you should make a point of choosing and buying kitchen utensils that are designed to save space. Some manufacturers and designers of kitchen accessories have actually specialised in developing products that can be stored in the smallest of spaces. Here, on Red Dot 21, we have, for example, included amazing stackable bowls and storage containers, saucepans with detachable handles so that they sit inside each other more easily, and flat, foldable kitchen aids. These types of products can help to ensure that kitchen cupboards and drawers no longer risk overflowing and that you keep the upper hand. Other kitchen products such as knife blocks or hanging systems for kitchen utensils are also helpful when organising the kitchen and can, at the same time, make for eye-catching highlights on a tidy work surface.

Tableware – all a matter of taste?

Beautifully designed tableware, cutlery, glasses and other products are also included in this Red Dot 21 category. Good taste is not only helpful when preparing food, but is also evident once the table has been set. Beautiful crockery is the starting point. Whether you like it plain or decorated, in classic white or colourful, made of china or ceramics is a matter of personal taste. It’s a question of space and money whether you want to invest in several different dinner services for different occasions. If you can serve sushi on sushi plates or pasta in pasta bowls, that adds a bit of variety to the table and also demonstrates your appreciation of good food. A good option is to rely on a classic dinner service which you can build on and can easily combine with other products. The same holds true for cutlery and glasses. If in doubt, you can’t go wrong with high-quality basics although there is by now a tremendous range of designs and alternatives to choose from. You see, not only our jurors are spoilt for choice. Every ready-laid table can be enhanced by interesting, high-quality table accessories such as glass jugs for drinks, designer pepper grinders and salt cellars, beautiful vases and much more. Allow yourself to be inspired when browsing through the “Kitchen utensils and tableware” category and its sub-categories.