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Stylish watches with arresting designs for the perfect look

We, at Red Dot 21, are presenting classy and stylish watches to you here. They are wrist watches, chronographs, smart watches, watches for children and for wearing while doing sports. Here, you will find only the best watches from the best manufacturers, which appeal to you through the excellent quality of their designs, where they combine the highest degree of functionality with a striking appearance and comfort while wearing. Time is an important parameter for human co-existence and the measurement of time is of particular importance – right from the beginning, through basic time measurement devices such as the hourglasses and sundials, and up to the latest wrist watches. People have been fascinated with timepieces, right from the time they were invented. We have continuously tried to comprehend seconds, minutes and hours in their single, irreversible direction – forwards all the time.

Prepared for diversity: Wrist watches for every occasion

Both men and women have more than only one wrist watch in the jewellery case or in the jewellery cabinet. This is because the watch has to match the occasion and the outfit. The wrist watch, as a chic accessory, plays the same role as a stylish pair of spectacles, a selected piece of jewellery or beautiful shoes. Watches are used in very different ways and give you a good appearance at a business meeting, at a dinner, while doing sports or when you are relaxing. This passion for combining them with your clothes or the occasion is reflected in the collections of renowned manufacturers, who offer timepieces for every occasion – they may be sporty and elegant and up to stylish and extravagant. One who has a favourite model with an exchangeable watch strap can customise his or her outfit with the most varied straps, made of leather or fabric, to suit the occasion and can highlight the watch in the best possible way, through this.

Watches with classic designs are trending right now

Mechanical automatic watches in minimalistic and classic designs with their reliable quartz movements and also analogue models, which need to be wound up by hand, are especially popular nowadays. This is because, although every mobile phone and every computer displays the time, attributes such as value and permanence are communicated through elegant timepieces. The success experienced by chronographs and regulator watches is proof of this trend: Chronographs such as pilot and military watches have an additional stopwatch function, regulator watches show the hour and second in a decentralised way, which was popular in the late 19th century, particularly in the case of wall clocks and regulating watches. Swiss watches represent the highest degree of craftsmanship in this segment. Here gold and ceramics are used and you can also look at the movements inside of the watch in skeleton watches. Overly large chronographs in XXL designs also remind you of modern classics, they have a diameter of at least 50 mm and appear really massive and are eye-catching as well. A retro trend can be seen in the comeback of digital watches, which were last hyped up in the nineties. They appeal particularly to young people. Their bright colours and lively designs make them especially loved by children and the youth, in particular. One, who wants to be able to tell the time while golfing, mountain biking or while sailing, should get special sports products which have a very strong and waterproof case. A material, such as sapphire glass for example, is especially resistant to breaking or to scratches and protects the dial better than mineral glass. In order that you get the best from your watch for a long time, at the time of purchasing it, you should ensure that it is water-resistant to 10 atmospheres, so that swimming and snorkelling is possible with it. Waterproof diver’s watches are water-resistant to at least 20 atmospheres and also have a function, which shows the depth in bar and you can also set a specified dive time period through a rotating bezel.

Smartwatches and hybrid watches are the all-rounders on your wrist

Smartwatches are generally of the same size as wrist watches. However, as opposed to mechanical watches, they have several other useful functions. Aside from the time of the day, they can show you other information and can even be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The functions are controlled by your finger through the touchscreen or, in the case of many models, you can also navigate through speech control. Integrated sensors can also capture your heart rate and your movements. Through these, they are also well-liked as sports accessories and are a good alternative to fitness wristbands and fitness trackers. As many people who wear them, do not want to do without the appearance of a traditional watch, hybrid watches are now in fashion. Here, luxury watchmakers of the upper price class, offer the integration of craftsmanship and technology. But, many common brands also offer products with classic looks, which have many additional functions: From a touch screen to the measurement of the heart rate and sleep analysis and all the way to the possibility to reproduce music, to a photo function and to make telephone calls. Whether traditional watches or digital all-rounders: In our online offerings at Red Dot 21, you will find a huge selection of extraordinary products from the very best designers and manufacturers. You can directly order many of these online via a link to our partners.