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Jewellery, watches and glasses: accessories to match your style

If you are looking for jewellery, watches, glasses or other accessories that give your own style its finishing touches, you have come to the right place. In this category of Red Dot 21, we present true gems, some of which have already distinguished themselves at the Red Dot Design Award. The products that we have included are as diverse as the criteria that the design experts apply when judging the design of these accessories. While special attention is paid to aspects such as wearability, lightness and innovative construction for glasses, for watches the emphasis is more on function, design of the watch face and technical aspects of the watch mechanism. For all accessories in this sector, however, aesthetic considerations play just as important a role as functional ones; and for a very simple reason. Accessories always create a definite impression. They are highly visible, complement or compliment a personal style or make a fashion statement. Either way, they always say something about the person who is wearing them. It may be debatable whether glasses and watches are truly “Accessories”, in other words accoutrements and trappings, in the classical sense of the term. But, although both of them have clearly defined functions and are often simply indispensable, they are selected based on similar criteria as fashionable accessories or pieces of jewellery. The design of glass frames keeps pace with fashion. Every year, new spectacle trends are publicised. Those who have to wear corrective glasses can therefore choose between discreet, classic models that dominate the face as little as possible and are barely visible, and statement products. The latter attract attention and convey how the person wearing them wants to be perceived: as intellectual, respectable, hip, fashionable, extroverted, conservative, funky or glamorous. These considerations play an even larger role for sunglasses where brands also matter greatly. Via their sunglass collections, luxury designers and fashion houses enable the less well-heeled to share in the world and the lifestyle they represent. The design experts of the Red Dot Award however apply other criteria when evaluating the design. They assess the choice of materials, the workmanship, examine whether the frame of the glasses can be adapted to the physiognomy of the wearer in a few easy steps, whether they are durable, flexible or particularly innovative. In the image gallery, glasses that were able utterly to convince the jury of their merits are labelled with a Red Dot.

Watches and jewellery: from exclusive to extravagant

In our accessories category we have also included jewellery, and ladies’ and men’s watches by renowned designers and brands, as well as by up and coming designers. Here you can find top end necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and watches made of gold, silver and platinum as well as exciting and eye-catching costume jewellery using more unusual materials. Jewellery and watches are by their very nature not as much of a focal point when looking at a person’s appearance as glasses, but they do compete for people’s attention. The creativity of jewellery designers is particularly stimulated in terms of choice of materials, colours, shapes and the integration of artificial and precious stones when it comes to creating valuable pieces of jewellery. Many of the exclusive or even extravagant pieces of jewellery shown here on Red Dot 21 have already been assessed by an international jury of experts and been awarded the Red Dot Design Award. All of them have that certain something that is inevitably conferred on to those who wear them. Whether you are looking for something for yourself or for a gift, are searching for a designer watch, a smartwatch or a chronograph, just scroll through our image gallery and let yourself be inspired. If there is something that particularly catches your eye, a simple click on the photo will provide you with additional information. You will also be able to find out if the object of your desire is available to buy online, directly from one of our partners.