Interior design

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Interior design: The thoughtful design of spaces

In this category, we have grouped together various products under the umbrella term “interior design” from flooring to soft furnishings, doors and windows, as well as smart home products. All of these play an important role when setting out to give an interior a certain design. How rooms are perceived, what feelings they evoke and what general impression they make is largely dependent on a range of different factors such as shapes, colours, materials, how the room is arranged and the use of lighting. All these aspects need to be considered and viewed in relation to each other when designing interiors. Of course, the type of object that is to be furnished also exerts a strong influence. For a private home, the primary focus will be on using interior design means to create a sense of well-being; retail premises, doctor’s surgeries or solicitor’s offices need to be representative. Financial institutions will want to use their interior to convey respectability and distance. If you are lucky enough to start from scratch – for example, when designing the interior of a new restaurant or when moving into a new build and if you can influence the floorplan and the drywall construction – the possibilities are virtually endless. It helps if you have a very precise picture of what you want to achieve, what type of atmosphere you are trying to create, and also if you can get an interior designer or consultant on board right from the start. If only a partial area such as the walls, the flooring and decor or a single room is to be re-designed, it may be helpful to leaf through suitable magazines on interiors or to look at Instagram, Pinterest and other websites to get some inspiration. In that way, you will slowly but surely get an idea of what is available and what might look good in your own four walls.

Floors, wallpapers and much more for interior design

The aim of interior design is to shape rooms and turn them into spaces that can be experienced with all our senses using elements such as flooring, wallpapers, soft furnishings or décor. As we enter a room, we already perceive it with all our senses. Our eyes travel through the space and over the walls. They are caught by details, follow the play of light and shadow, while our hand may still be on the cool door handle. Our ears listen out for the echo of footsteps or for sounds muffled by soft furnishings. In the best cases, the full beauty of an interior design is revealed as you walk through the house. The deliberate opening of rooms into one another or their demarcation, the use of day- or artificial light, the quality of the flooring that we have just crossed, light, dark or colourful walls, the transition from inside to outdoors that large windows or small hatches provide – these are all the small pieces of a mosaic which tells us a good deal about our host. In times of social and political change, interior design trends favour a solid, high-end look that conveys a sense of security and lasting value. Minimalist layouts, a natural appearance, purism and muted colours in interior design make for enduring aesthetics and, at the same time, meet the need for a sense of security and functionality. Technical progress, on the other hand, requires design concepts that are as flexible as possible, that can be adapted afterwards when the home-owner wants to upgrade the interiors to create a Smart Home. For that reason, interactive solutions that deliver contemporary convenience and experiences that appeal to all the senses should be taken into account and incorporated into plans at all costs.
Financial considerations and a constantly developing environmental awareness are increasingly influencing the choice of materials today. Natural and untreated materials such as wood, concrete and stone give interior spaces a natural and calm appearance. They make for a relaxed atmosphere and never go out of fashion. Other materials for floors, walls, windows, doors and fixtures offer particularly innovative features. There are, for instance, new floor coverings that are low-maintenance, hygienic and decorative. They also muffle sounds and are at the same time extremely durable. Whatever you may be planning, take the time to look at the flooring & décor, decorations, windows, doors, home textiles, light switches and smart home sub-categories. You are bound to discover amazing new products. Some of the interior design concepts and products presented have already won a Red Dot and are marked accordingly.