Air conditioning equipment

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Air conditioning equipment for your home and office

Here, at Red Dot 21, we present air conditioners for your home and office with integrated humidifiers and air purifiers to you. These can be permanently installed or a mobile unit. They have an intelligent and good looking design, which appeals to you through its functionality as well as through its high degree of comfort in daily use. Instead of the central air conditioning systems for the whole building or the decentralised units, which must be installed on the façade, nowadays it is the mobile air conditioners which are becoming increasingly popular. This is due to the fact that it is now possible for you to keep the conditions in your rooms at comfortable levels, independent of the time of the year and the weather outside, without cumbersome renovations in every room.

More flexibility with mobile air conditioners

Air conditioners and mobile air conditioning units, without a permanently installed outdoor unit, have the advantage that they can be immediately put into operation after a simple installation procedure. These units have a slim design and their depth is small, too. Therefore, they can be mounted in a space-saving way on the wall or the ceiling. Even free-standing units take up very little space through their compact construction and they can be set up in the corner of a room or in narrow recesses. Some models have an exhaust air hose, which transports the heat to the outside, and so, it requires a permanent base. Products, in which the air is conditioned inside the housing itself give you more flexibility. The advantage of these units is that they can be put into operation where they are required – whether in the living room, the office or in the bedroom. For optimal use in different rooms, many units have extended features such as timers and sleep functions which lower or increase the room temperature for a specific period of time. Premium quality air conditioners of the latest generation are characterised by energy saving technologies and they are also very silent in operation.

Air conditioners with attractive designs for modern interiors

The latest air conditioners from leading manufacturers and designers impress you with their attractive configurations, where the shape gives them that special aesthetic. The purist design of many products is characterised by straight lines and smooth surfaces and through these, they integrate optimally with the wall, the ceiling or in the room and create an individually designed habitat. Some of the mobile units have either a square or a round or cylindrical shape, they have fixed legs or are mounted on rollers. The control elements, such as the touch screen, are discreetly integrated in the housing or are replaced by a remote control or the smartphone.

Improved indoor climate through a humidifier and air purifier

Aside from creating a comfortable temperature, air conditioners with humidifiers and air purifiers also provide you with a good environment in the room. The air is continuously filtered to remove harmful particles and enriched with humidity. Air purifiers are therefore particularly suited for people suffering from allergies, as house dust, pollen or exhaust gases are extracted from the air. Humidifiers are particularly important in winter, in the heating period, as the air in the rooms is enriched with humidity and this prevents the drying of the mucous membranes and this helps against catching colds. As opposed to that, one who notices that there is too much moisture in the air can avoid the formation of condensation water on the walls through the de-humidifying function. Depending upon your requirements, you have the choice of different products which fulfil all these functions or have been designed for the specific problems of a particular room.
If you have now become curious, or are looking for an air conditioner, then take a look at the varied online offerings at Red Dot 21. The best designs have been awarded by an international jury of experts at the Red Dot Award: Product Design and have been awarded the Red Dot Quality Seal. Products, which you can purchase directly online, are also marked as such.