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Outstanding domestic appliances with high functionality

Here, on Red Dot 21, we showcase well-designed household appliances such as washing machines, dryers, vacuum cleaners, cleaning equipment or air conditioning units. They stand out from the mass of other domestic devices for their well thought-out design and intelligent functionality. One look at this category should help you to decide, for if you enter a shop to buy a new household appliance, you will generally be confronted with serried ranks of white goods. But even if, to the casual observer, these appliances appear to resemble each other, it is worth taking a closer look. Much has happened in this sector. Modern living spaces are becoming increasingly open plan and washing machines etc. are often integrated into kitchens or bathrooms. As a result, expectations of household product design have risen. Many manufacturers of white goods are aware of that and have launched products whose clean lines, high-quality metal casing and fine chrome highlights allow them to fit into the living environment discreetly and harmoniously.
Another great benefit of these modern washing machines and dryers is due to the fact that they relieve us of ever more work. With the help of sensors and intelligent technologies, they measure the quantity of washing, for example, calculate how much detergent is required and then dose it themselves. They assess the water level and the cleanliness and dryness of the laundry. That makes them particularly environmentally friendly as they help us to save water, detergent and energy. Despite their complexity, modern domestic appliances are easy to operate – either with the help of intuitive knobs or touch displays directly on the appliance or via a smartphone and the corresponding app. The Internet of Things, in other words the intelligent networking of objects that communicate via the Internet, generally plays a large role in the „Household“ section. Washing machines, dryers, air conditioning units etc. can be monitored and controlled from anywhere with the help of user-friendly apps – regardless of whether you are sitting on the sofa or in the office. So if you own a robotic vacuum cleaner and have invited people for supper on the spur of the moment you can get the robot to work so that the floor, at least, is clean when you get home.

Neatly designed: autonomous domestic cleaning equipment

We would like to show you cleverly designed cleaning equipment from cleaning robots to less complex products such as vacuum cleaners or mops. If you don’t (yet) want to leave the cleaning of floors and windows to domestic robots, but prefer to set your own hands to the job, you will here find simple household tools that have appealed to us with their good design and high functionality. Why not just take a look? You will be astonished at the number of domestic appliances that will not only simplify your housework, but are also aesthetically very pleasing. Devices that were able to win over the design experts of the Red Dot Design Award and that won a prize are marked accordingly, as are those that are available to purchase online via a partnership link.