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Garden and balcony design

The “Garden” category encompasses everything used to enhance balconies and gardens from outdoor furniture to planters, sun protection, barbecues and supplies. Although many people are only able to use their garden or balcony regularly for approximately half the year, they then do so all the more enthusiastically. As soon as the first warming rays of sun come out in spring to tickle their senses and fall on the flowerbeds that were neglected over winter, they feel tempted to go outside. If they spend a bit of time on getting their outside areas ready, they can have use of a second open-air living, dining and leisure area in which they are likely to spend many a happy, carefree and convivial hour. Beautiful, comfortable garden furniture is indispensable. It should not only be practical and functional, but could also match the style in which the interior of the flat our house is decorated. Garden furniture is available in a range of different shapes and styles, so the choice is entirely yours when deciding whether you prefer lounge-like garden furniture or space-saving balcony furnishings such as bistro tables and chairs, loungers or deck chairs or even designer beer-tent seating. Regardless of questions of style and taste, when buying garden or balcony furniture, parasols and such like, you should make sure that the materials they are made of are very hardwearing and long-lasting. After all, depending on the climate, they will have to withstand different weather conditions from sun to heat, rain to cold and snow and should nonetheless last a number of years. Materials that have proved their worth include hardwoods, but also plastics such as poly rattan and aluminium. Atmospheric lighting also helps to create a cosy setting. Lanterns, garden lights and fire bowls can provide sufficient, gentle light even after sunset. Beautifully planted containers and extravagant flower boxes also make it possible to turn balconies and patios into little green oases. Those who love eating outdoors will sooner or later invest in a barbecue. Our ”Barbecue & supplies” category has a wide range of different products with high design standards .

Gardening in style

There are big differences in quality when it comes to trimming hedges, mowing the lawn and so on, and the right gardening tool can make garden maintenance a whole lot easier. Anyone who grows plants on a balcony or in a garden cannot avoid a minimum amount of care even if they would prefer to shun garden work. Garden lovers enjoy spending their time caring for lawns, hedges and perennials and should pay close attention when purchasing their equipment. High-quality tools offer ergonomic design and great ease of use. Maximum safety also plays an important role when it comes to their daily use. So these are also the criteria that the design experts of the Red Dot jury take into account when evaluating garden tools, and they are strict in their selection. Products that totally convinced the jurors are recognisable by the “Red Dot” with which they are labelled on the product detail pages. We hope all those who like spending time outdoors will enjoy browsing through the “Garden” category. Red Dot 21 offers numerous garden and outdoor products which demonstrate impressively that robust functionality and good style can definitely come as a package.