Learning for life with the help of games

Discover lovingly designed board games, computer games, jigsaw puzzles and gaming consoles in the “Games” category of Red Dot 21. Playing games is human nature and is probably one of the oldest cultural technologies. Children discover the world through play and, in doing so, learn a number of rules that also govern how we live together. After all, life can be viewed as a game. It contains elements of adventure, gambling and strategy games, as well as games of chance, dexterity and role-playing games or run and jump games, and first person shooters. Above all, life is a never-ending educational and party game. Perhaps that is why we find all manner of games so fascinating. Through role play, very young children start practising rules of behaviour for later life as adults. Board and party games help to make them aware of rules and their observance; other games require abstraction ability and combinatorial thinking. Depending on which game is chosen, there are a variety of ways to educate and challenge players. Perhaps the most important attribute is the rules of the game. They apply to everyone taking part from children to adults, online gamers in Tokyo to those in Sao Paolo, to professional footballers from FC Barcelona as much as to the children kicking a ball around the playground at school. That is one of the key attractions of clearly regulated games. Once one has understood the rules, one can, in principle, play with anyone in the world.

Discover lovingly designed games of all genres

Here on Red Dot 21, we present beautiful games that are notable for their good design, whether they are for one or more players, for online or offline use. While board games generally require at least two players and often are more fun when played in larger numbers within the family or with groups of friends, there are of course many that work perfectly for just one person or child. Some jigsaw puzzles, construction or dexterity games can keep you entertained for hours and some even have a meditative quality so that you immerses yourself in the activity, oblivious to your surroundings with only the haziest idea of what is going on around you. The same naturally also applies to app games, video or computer games for this sector. For those who prefer louder or livelier games, there are plenty of well-designed movement games and gaming devices for outdoors that require full physical involvement and that have the pleasant beneficial side-effect of training and improving motor functions. This is also true of many video games that combine actions on screen with physical movement in front of it. In general, the trend in many areas of gaming is towards linking analogue activities with multi-media experiences. Take for example a board game that offers digital information, playing instructions or videos that can be called up on a smartphone via a QR code or NFC; or a video game that reads user activities with the help of sensors and builds them into the game.
Whatever you may be looking for, the games we have put together in this category are lovingly designed and will let any player’s heart beat faster. Games that have already won a Red Dot Design Award are identifiable through the “Red Dot”. We hope you will enjoy your journey of discovery.