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High quality tools for professional house work

Presenting you the professional, well-functional and high-quality tools for house work and manual work in this category on Red Dot 21. Do you take on all and sundry work around the house and garden by yourself? If yes, you need a well-stocked selection of tools handy. Be it a hammer, a drill, cordless screwdriver or saws – all these are important paraphernalia for the manual work you engage in. Red Dot 21 offers just the right equipment for every taste, area of application and calibre of expertise.


Design and functions of tools

High grade and useful tools should have the ability to convince the keen house-worker right away with their design and features. The design of tools significantly impacts the effortless handling and facilitates targeted application in professional house maintenance. Safety and ergonomics are of particular importance in the production and further development of new tools. The more technically mature these two features are, the more joyful the working experience is. For instance, electric saws are equipped with special safety protection that stops the device abruptly, if at all it accidentally comes in contact with human limbs. Well-engineered ergonomics largely influence the grip and feel, thus ensuring that the tools are made well and above all have a slip-resistant grip. In addition, light-weight tools are conducive to the high operational convenience, which is particularly reflected in a fatigue-free work.

Innovative materials and high-performance engines of tools

Innovative and amply robust materials have been used in the production of high-quality tools, which are designed for a high load capacity. Diverse coatings and aluminium alloys also support the robustness of the tools and at the same time ensure the longevity of the tools. From a technical point of view, the challenge faced in developing tools is the designing of the most reliable and high-performance engines for the electrical equipment, enabling enduring and speedy work, for instance. But fatigue-free working has been made possible thanks to the innovative materials used, e.g. light-weight plastics for smaller tools. On the other hand, the larger machines have the responsibility of rendering powerful performance, deploying high-performance engines and being robust, which is why they are often made of hardened steel or stainless steel, which automatically makes them heavier.

The appropriate, specialised tools for the masterful craftsmanship

There is a wide range of high-quality specialised tools and accessories available in the industry. That makes it difficult to find the right device for individual needs. For rookies and occasional DIY enthusiasts, a basic set comprising a hammer, saw, drill, cordless screwdriver, wrench and pliers should suffice. Various electrical apparatuses such as jig saws or circular saws are available for the hobby craftsperson, where the handling requires a little more experience. Ambitious craftsmen go one step further and select suitable high-performance models or special tools such as milling machines, hoists, tile cutters, compressed air and welding equipment. Depending on what you need, we would like to present you with the most significant tools with their features:

Drills, impact wrench and cordless screwdrivers

Drills are electrically operated tools that are used to drill holes in a wall or ceiling while the cordless screwdriver facilitates screwing. Some professional drills or percussion drills can be adjusted such that the screw or impact force varies. Which hammer drill works best depends on the factors, namely impact and speed per minute (in rpm), as well as on the above-mentioned impact force or impact energy. The type and capacity of the battery is crucial when dealing with cordless screwdrivers. For small screw driving work, tools with low voltages i.e. between three and seven Volt are sufficient, whereas professional tools have an operating voltage of 12 to 18 Volt.

Handsaws and electric saws

For minor jobs in the house and garden, a classic handsaw is often used, which can be operated by forward and backward movement of the arm. The saw can be used to separate wood, plastic or metal, depending on which material you need to work on in professional home maintenance work. The saw blade of the tool is usually made of steel, while the handle or holder is made of wood, plastic or nylon. Smaller electric saws are often used in the garden for cutting smaller branches and shrubs. If larger logs need to be crushed instead, chainsaws are appropriate. Other types include table saws, with which boards, wood panels and laminate can be sawed perfectly, easily and quickly. Chop saws and mitre saws are ideal for the angular cutting of work pieces.

Wrench, pipe wrench, socket spanner and Allen key

Wrenches are hand tools that are suitable for tightening and loosening screws or nuts with different drive profiles. The wrench opening determines the size of the wrench. Pipe wrenches come in the shape of a piece of pipe and are operated with tommy bars. Socket wrenches are often available in practical sets with various drive parts such as drive handle, flex handle, cross-handle, angular handle, crank or creak – also known as ratchet. The length of the portion of the thread protruding from a nut to be rotated is limited to sockets as against the pipe wrench. The hexagon socket – also known as Allen key is a spanner head for screwed fittings, in which the screw heads are structurally difficult to access.

All it takes is the right tools in your cart and some flair for manual skills for you to save yourself those expensive handymen visits – doesn’t matter if you are a rookie, hobby craftsperson or professional. In order to pursue and implement your projects consistently and with determination, you should basically pay attention to the quality and brand rather than the price. Here you will find a fine selection of high-quality design and branded tools. Happy browsing!