DIY (do it yourself)

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DIY moves into the home

Under this heading, we have grouped well-designed and functional tools, work clothes and protective clothing, as well as other products for DIY work and handicrafts. Regardless of whether you are hanging up pictures, are making a new set of shelves, sanding floorboards or moving a wall, each activity has the right type of tools. If you visit a DIY store, you will see that there are many different versions of every kind of tool which differ widely not only in price, but also in terms of quality and performance. Here, we present products from the “DIY” sector that will make many handicrafts and repairs easier and safer. They include tools for professionals that meet special requirements, but also a large number of product that are suitable for DIY enthusiasts. The Do It Yourself boom continues unabated. Craft and DIY blogs are extremely popular and home-made or at least hand-crafted things are very trendy. Correspondingly, the number of private users that value professional standards and have high expectations of machines and tools has grown exponentially. DIY has moved into the home. That is also evident from an aesthetic point of view. Tools today can no longer just be useful, functional and look robustly manly. The boundary to lifestyle product has become fluid. Trends from the consumer goods industry are increasingly apparent in this sector. Alongside eye-catching colours, discreet black and white contrasts or products with elegant lines, there are for instance entire collections which quite deliberately target female audiences with their use of colour and style. In doing so, manufacturers have succeeded in bringing tools such as battery-operated drills, screwdrivers, hammers or combination pliers, that tended to spend long periods of their existence when they were not being used in cellars and toolboxes, into the light or at least into the kitchen drawer. Ultimately, what counts, however, is solely their performance.

How do you recognise good machines and tools?

Here on Red Dot 21, amateurs and experts will find tools, measuring devices, protective apparel and storage concepts featuring good design. In case you are considering acquiring this type of equipment, we are happy to point out a few criteria that the experts of the Red Dot Design Award also use to assess these products. Good products in this sector have a highly ergonomic design and are therefore comfortable to hold and make it possible to work safely without tiring quickly. In many cases, weight is also an important consideration. The motto ”as light as possible and as heavy as necessary” applies. Tools and machinery that by and large use extremely hardwearing components and high-quality materials are particularly reliable and long lasting. Modern technologies are becoming an increasingly natural part of their design. They measure, counteract, inform the user and, in doing so, help to optimise work processes. By all means, dip into the various categories of the “Home and DIY” section. Perhaps one or another product will inspire you to try your hand at DIY in the home. You may also find a more ergonomic, more energy-saving or more intelligent alternative to your current work tool. Have fun browsing!