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Innovative speakers for your home and outdoors

Here, we are presenting to you high-quality speakers and boxes with excellent designs for your home and outdoors in this category at Red Dot 21. In order that you can find the right loudspeaker for your particular requirements, we present to you the latest trending models and also give you valuable tips.

The right boxes for the perfect sound experience

Popular speakers for the stereo system or for the TV, smartphone or computer are available in many colours and shapes which appeal to every taste. One who has small rooms in the apartment, can get a harmonious and good sound through two-way boxes. Three-way boxes are often larger as they are fitted with three membranes for high, middle and low notes. Through these, the bass has a more powerful effect and the maximum sound level is also much higher. An amplified bass reproduction can be achieved through a subwoofer and a bass-reflex cabinet that has at least one open connection to the outside as opposed to closed systems. Loudspeaker systems and home theatre systems with soundbars appeal to every cinema lover with their powerful surround experience.

Optimised sound design for better listening to music

Aside from the classic hi-fi boxes with their conventional rectangular designs, many manufacturers and designers are betting on special shapes and looks for their products. Loudspeaker boxes are available in purist shapes and discreet colours as well as in striking and futuristic designs. These loudspeakers can then even look like sculptures. However, the design is not meant to make them only look particularly attractive. Through the new shapes, the sound experience has been optimised, this has been achieved by allowing the positioning, the room acoustics and the listener’s position to flow into each other, into the selected shape. What you decide to purchase depends upon your own personal taste. It also depends on whether the loudspeakers are meant to be eye-catchers in the living room or whether they should be discreetly integrated in your modern furnishings. As the positioning of the boxes in the room must also be considered at the time of the purchase, your selection must also depend upon the size of the room, its configuration and the type of music that you listen to. As an example, a room with several hard, reflective surfaces made up of bare walls and parquet flooring sounds quite different from a room with a carpet and bookshelves. The right material and high-quality cabinet insulation are imperative for good sound. Raw materials such as real wood and multiplex, particle boards (oriented strand boards (OSB) and medium density fibreboard (MSD) or aluminium) can all sound very good. One should avoid boxes with plastic cabinets as their natural resonance affects the sound quality. One who would like to avoid annoying cable connections can choose radio or WLAN loudspeakers that also allow playing music from your other devices such as smartphones, tablets or computers.

Practical loudspeakers when you are on the way

Bluetooth and WLAN loudspeakers, which can be carried along, attract attention through their eye-catching designs. They are shaped as spheres, rollers or cubes and are available in several colours. While selecting the right one, it is important to see that they should be small, handy and easy to transport and that they provide a good sound quality. High quality products from well-known manufacturers such as Bose, Harman and Teufel assure you of a very good sound experience with their active boxes. One who wants good sound when on the way, or even at the beach should look for a stable sound quality so that listening to music still functions without problems in spite of a large amount of ambient noise. A battery life of at least six to ten hours is also an absolute must. In addition to the above, a product that is sturdy and has a water-resistant case is to be recommended.

Networked loudspeakers for the Smart Home

A particular new trend in the music loudspeaker segment is Smart Home loudspeakers i.e. speakers which can be networked to each other and also to household devices. These include multi-room systems for two or more rooms and they allow you to enjoy your favourite music in the entire apartment or in your whole house. Depending upon the manufacturer, the boxes are linked to each other via Airplay or WLAN. Besides playing music, they can also be controlled by voice and they also have several other functions: For instance, lamps or light switches can be controlled through them or information regarding the weather, traffic, finance, news, sports and local businesses can be called up in real time. In our online offerings at Red Dot 21, you will find the latest models of leading manufacturers, which look terrific and comply with the highest design standards with regard to music quality. In addition, many of these products can be ordered online directly through the link to our partners.