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Stylish headphones with terrific sound for excellent listening

At Red Dot 21, we are introducing you to stylish in-ear, over-ear and on-ear headphones with very good sound technology. They have a wonderful fit and are designed for your home and outdoor use. Through us, you will find only the best headphones that appeal to you through their elegant and stylish designs and excellent sound quality and which make listening to music a real experience.

Finding the best headphones for various requirements

Designer headphones must sound good, fit perfectly and satisfy the requirements for various music preferences and different scenarios for deployment. Aside from the high-end listeners who listen to their music through the stereo system at home, many music lovers have nowadays begun to equip themselves with high-quality devices for MP3 players, smartphones, tablets or notebooks so that they have the perfect sound experience all the times and everywhere, too. In addition to that, the digital developments in the entertainment and communications electronics field have changed the consumption of media. Through this, watching TV series and films while you are en-route should also be possible without any difficulty.

In-ear headphones and earbuds are particularly practical when you are on the way, on a trip and at sports. They are very small and light and so, they can be taken along everywhere and can also fit into the smallest of jackets and even into your trouser pocket. Useful accessories such as storage boxes keep the headphones clean and prevent the cables from getting tangled. In order that the plugs are nicely seated in your ear and so that everybody has fun while listening to music or watching a series, manufacturers are also enclosing a selection of different rubber attachments. In particular, when you are doing sports, it is important that the plug fits securely in your ear. Ear hooks or ear buds tips, which can be precisely adjusted to your ear, provide real comfort even during intensive workouts. A good fit is decisive for over-ear headphones as well. They should completely cover the entire ear with a well-padded earpiece and should be fitted with a comfortable headband. Through the larger membrane and the greater distance from the eardrum, headband headphones are characterised by their spatial sound, which is found to be particularly pleasant. Aside from that, these products are becoming ever lighter and the temperature at the ear is regulated through the exchange of heat thanks to which, you can wear them for hours on end. In order to avoid marks on your head due to the pressure of the headphones, you must take the size of the earpiece and the adjustability of the headband into account while purchasing them.

Outstanding sound quality for the optimal enjoyment of music

Many models of headphones are characterised by their well-balanced sound pattern. Here, all the frequencies, from high to low, are equally well reproduced. As opposed to that, there is the detail-rich reproduction in the high and mid-range. One who is looking for excellent sound for classical music or for work in the studio, should take a look at our selection of headphones where several models are presented along with all their details. Aside from wired headphones, wireless products with Bluetooth technology are growing in number. They give you an excellent sound experience and are second to none. Improved battery performance and loss-free transmission through technologies such as aptX and AAC have contributed to their success. Many models of headphones also filter out sounds from your surroundings and give you a disturbance-free reproduction. This noise reduction is particularly suitable for indoor use, while travelling by train or in the professional arena, however it is not suited for use while on the road or while doing sports outdoors. Somebody who uses headphones a lot outdoors should take care that the desired models have a microphone and remote control. With that, telephone calls can be conducted easily and the changeover between listening to music and a telephone call is simplified.

Headphones are also trending as a stylish accessory

As your everyday becomes digital, headphones are being used in public as much as in your private sphere. It is for this reason that they must appeal through both their technology and their appearance. Besides a discreet, decorative shape, an excessively large XXL size is the latest trend. The character of the accessory is further enhanced if several colour variants are available for selection. If you are now raring to buy a new set of headphones, then take a look at our large variety of offers available at Red Dot 21. You will find excellent headphone designs in our online offer, where you can order online directly through the link to our partners.