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Consumer electronics: intelligent and multi-media products

From Smart TVs, to Home-Entertainment-Systems, headphones or eBook Readers – the “Consumer electronics” category contains a specially selected collection of the most exciting equipment. All the products that we present in this section all share the feature of good design. Even if most televisions, for instance, resemble each other at first glance, there are nonetheless some minor and more major differences. The jurors of the Red Dot Design Award therefore carefully scrutinise every single piece of equipment or gadget during the evaluation process. Products that were able fully to convince them of their merits are identifiable by the “Red Dot”. We liked others so much that we wanted to share them with you. Televisions are still very significant in the realm of consumer electronics, even though for a while they looked set to disappear due to the upsurge of smartphones, tablets, etc. Instead, televisions have developed into a type of super medium: smart TVs are three-dimensional, internet-ready, interactive and multi-functional and, hence, combine all other media in one. Colossal and with ultra-high definition, they continue to offer the most pleasant means of looking at a screen for extended periods of time. One important pre-condition for ensuring actual multi-media use of these appliances is good user guidance. That makes it worth taking a closer look when buying such a piece of equipment and paying attention to the design of input tools on the remote control and relevant apps, as well as to the intuitive nature of the menu.

Internet-ready audio devices

With the success of streaming services, wireless speakers, headphones and multi-room systems have boomed. We present a few of them here on Red Dot 21. Streaming has turned smartphones and tablets into the focal point of modern audio devices, as they can be connected to mobile terminals via WiFi or Bluetooth. The range of speakers, headphones etc. on offer is correspondingly vast. As consumers nowadays have access to their music anywhere and anytime, many manufacturers offer mobile sound systems to match their mobile lifestyle in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes. Music lovers practically have free choice. Even among the compact mini-speakers, there are many whose sound quality is quite impressive. If you don’t want the whole world to listen with you, there is an equally wide range of headphones to choose from – from those with cables to wireless ones, in-ear or over-ear, low or high definition audio. Most often, it is just a matter of preference. And there are also colourful plastic devices or ones with an upmarket metal or leather finish to match every taste, as well as natural products in discreet black, white or with a retro design. Take the time to browse through the different section in our consumer electronics category on Red Dot 21 including Audio, Video, Headphones, eBook Readers, TV and Projectors and let yourself be inspired. Most of the products include links so that you can purchase/buy/acquire them online from one of our partners.