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Focus on cameras and accessories

In this Red Dot 21 category, we present different cameras such as digital cameras, photo cameras, video cameras and camera equipment with outstanding design. Today, we take more photographs than ever before. Thanks to smartphones, we have constant access to a camera and our finger on the trigger to capture any moment that appears worth remembering. Cloud-based storage saves us from having to select the shots we want to keep; sophisticated software and filters turn even the poorest of snapshots into an eye catcher, and posting of images on social media in real time attracts attention and Likes. However, this change that appeared to usher in the end of the traditional camera era has triggered a counter-movement: those who want to stand out from the crowd through the quality of their photographs, take their time, invest in good equipment and, of course, in a separate camera. That holds true not only of professional photographers, but also of passionate amateurs.

Camera design and camera equipment: trends and developments

People who are truly serious about photography continue to buy a camera, whether it’s a small compact camera or a digital camera with interchangeable lenses. The manufacturers of these cameras do their utmost to secure their niche in this highly competitive market. They continue to develop the technical features in particular. For all products from compact and instant cameras to digital SLR and film cameras, a high level of user friendliness plays a key role. Their usability is important in order to make all the technology the cameras offer intuitive. A great example of this development is the product range of Australian manufacturer Blackmagic Design, which won the Red Dot Design Team of the Year title in 2016. It gained a name for its unconventional product solutions, which combine sophisticated technology with a beautiful, perfectly made construction. To achieve this, the design team and engineers start working together closely during the concept phase. Everything hangs on the detail, on completely penetrating the product, on understanding how it will be used. “Design quality is the unseen attention to detail that makes a product feel intuitive. It is the thinking the designer does so that the user doesn’t have to,” says Simon Kidd, Director of Industrial Design at Blackmagic Design in an interview for the Red Dot Design Yearbook 2016/2017. In this way, usability, construction and manufacturer of video cameras are simplified in order to achieve both reliability and efficiency.
Action cameras as well as digitally controlled photo and video drones are further growth markets. Thanks to miniaturisation, they have become mass products whose possibilities are capturing the imagination of increasing numbers of people.

The design of the housing has also become an important consideration in winning over customers. The trend is increasingly to use wood, glass, metal or ceramics in addition to plastic – materials that give cameras an upmarket appearance at first sight and emphasise this through their touch and feel. This development is also noticeable for camera accessories. Whereas camera bags of the past mainly used to be black and bulky, the jurors of the Red Dot Design Award today walk through long rows of truly innovative and well thought-out equipment during their judging session. The equipment is tailored to a wide variety of different uses and includes stylish photo bags, camera backpacks for outdoor activities or drone rucksacks.

Cameras and accessories that have been awarded the Red Dot

The number of digital cameras, photo drones and products that form part of the Red Dot 21 “Photo and Video” section are proof that the photo industry is changing. Products whose design won over the jury of the Red Dot Award are marked accordingly, as are the cameras that are available to buy online. Peruse this category at leisure if you are looking for a new camera or outstanding camera equipment. The choice is of course yours when it comes to deciding on your focal point.