Discover the most beautiful books on the subject of photography

In this category on Red Dot 21, we are introducing you to informative and excellently designed books by renowned authors on the subject of photography. This is because hardly any medium enthuses people as much as photography and it is therefore a major part of our culture. Right from its beginnings, photography has fascinated us as the moments captured can be experienced by the observer as well. At the same time, a unique visual archive is created by professional and hobby photography. This was made possible through the acceptance of photographs in the 20th century, through its increasing meaningfulness in the media, advertising and in the book trade, as well as in the recognition of this medium as an art form. Today, photographs cannot be done away with, even in the private communication sphere. The use of the camera is just as varied as the books on the subject. It is for this reason that we are introducing you to a particularly beloved and good expenditure in this category.

From classic volumes to handbooks for the hobby photographer

Beautiful photo books, from paperbacks to coffee table books, are a must in all bookshelves. This is as they invite you to browse and leaf through them and they also inspire you. It doesn’t matter whether they are opulent publications of renowned photographers, a wonderful book with a selection of the best historical photos, a beautiful volume with journalistic works or books with impressive landscapes and architectural photos. Such books show us the varied uses of the camera which can be used to photograph reality, to produce photos with personal sentimental value or which can be used to show humans, nature or the environment as they are. Publications from the communications and product design field are unthinkable without good photos. Well-designed photo books do not only invite you to leaf through them, but they have also earned a place for themselves on the shelf in every collection of appealing publications. This is because such publications make photos something special as only the best photos are printed and they can be enjoyed when you are at peace and with concentration. Nowadays, photos can be taken by anybody and can be shown to the whole world through the internet. In this way, millions of photos are created every day as the ownership of a camera is also not a necessity any more. However, for the person who would like to enhance his skills, aside from good photographic equipment, a good book of instructions is an absolute must for professionals and for hobby photographers alike.

Hand in Hand: Photography and Design

Photography has played a large role in the establishment of the Red Dot Design Awards as well and it is closely linked to the competition’s yearbooks. These yearbooks have been published from 1990 onwards in the form of picture-rich coffee table books. It is also only the optimal photographic images of the winning products that makes it possible for the reader of the book to discern the excellence of the designs and the special features of the products at the first glance itself. The growing success of the books was mainly due to the title page photos taken by the photographer, Hans Hansen, who put the books in the limelight through sensational photos of one of the products, which had been selected by him, for the award of “Red Dot: Best of the Best” in the years from 1993 to 2001. As an example, he photographed an ice scraper so that the product looked like a sculpture in the photo for the book called “Design Innovations” that was published in 1995. If you have now been inspired to discover a new book on the subject of photography, then take a look at the offerings on Red Dot 21. Books that have been awarded at the “Red Dot Award: Communication Design” by an international jury for their outstanding designs have been marked as such. This is also applicable to publications that you can directly purchase online via a partner link.