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The best design and architectural books from prestigious publishing houses

The most beautiful books on design, architecture, fashion, art and cookery, as well as calendars are gathered together in this category of Red Dot 21. “A house without books is poor, even if beautiful carpets cover its floors, valuable wallpaper and paintings its walls,” German author Hermann Hesse once said. If you not only enjoy surrounding yourself with exclusive, well-crafted design products, but also love books, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you will find interesting, highly informative and richly illustrated design books, art books and architectural books on different subjects, as well as brilliantly produced cookbooks, original notebooks and design calendars. Many of the books that we recommend are, incidentally, published in-house by our very own Red Dot Edition or have already been entered for the Red Dot Award: Communication Design and some have won an award. Several of them are produced with such loving attention to detail that they themselves would make decorative design accessories on the coffee- or bedside table. The content of many of the books in this section focus on design and associated subject areas to a greater or lesser degree. There are compendia which present contemporary designers and design studios, books featuring the work of renowned designers and architects, as well as impressively illustrated works on various other design and architectural topics such as urban architecture, typography, fashion or graphic design. You will therefore discover books that will expand your horizon and allow you to further your knowledge of design.

We would warmly recommend the Red Dot Design Award Yearbooks. These large-format coffee table books and collector’s items are produced every year and offer a unique insight into the state-of-the-art in the areas of product design, communication design and design concepts. These books, some of which appear in several volumes, all present the best contemporary products, projects and concepts of any given year and therefore offer professionals as well as design fans a comprehensive overview of the latest design trends and developments. The Red Dot Edition also publishes reference works and Who’s Who compendia that guide readers through the German and international design scene and introduce its most significant protagonists, as well as our annual bestseller, the Design Diary. We also frequently publish monographs, in other words design books that take a fresh and exciting approach to different design topics.

Calendars and diaries as well as more fascinating books

We have also included particularly beautifully-made books and calendars by other publishers that utterly won us over in our “Book” section. They include publications that do not deal with design per se but are so outstanding in their design that we wanted to share them with you. Amongst them are charmingly illustrated cookbooks, but also original and lovingly made notebooks that will inspire creativity, calendars with stunning pictures or well thought-out diaries that will help you to organise your day-to-day life and will keep accompany you throughout the year. No matter whether you are looking for a book or a calendar for yourself or as a present, why not browse through the different sub-categories? You are bound to find something interesting to read or look at. Some of the products may be ordered immediately online from one of our partners by using the corresponding link.