Bathroom furniture

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Modern bathroom furniture with customised designs

High-quality and good looking bathroom furniture is what we are presenting to you in this category at Red Dot 21. These include bathroom cabinets, floor cupboards and shelves. Through us, you will find only the very best pieces of furniture, which appeal to you through the excellent quality of their designs, and thus, differentiate themselves from other large numbers of pieces of furniture for bathrooms and from other sanitary fittings.

High quality bathroom furnishings for all bathroom sizes

Through furnishings with superior designs, every bathroom can be furnished in such a way that the space available is utilised optimally. As an example, the average German bathroom measures around eight square metres, however many people in Germany must make do with smaller bathrooms with a size of less than four square metres. All those people who have bathrooms with a floor size of over ten square metres can call themselves very lucky, as, the larger the space available, the greater the flexibility in designing the interior. Practical pieces of furniture for small bathrooms are, for example, functional floor cupboards, flat wall cupboards or mobile cabinets with rollers, which can be moved from here to there, quite flexibly. However, even in the case of larger bathrooms, flexibility is both desired and required: It is for this reason that many modern bathroom collections are designed in a modular way, which can then be placed according to the spatial characteristics of the particular bathroom. In addition to that, larger bathrooms have the advantage that decoration pieces and bathroom accessories can also be fitted in to enhance the look and functionality. Classic bathroom furnishings or even seating elements such as recliners and sofas can supplement spacious bathrooms and these just invite you to relax in them.

Good looking furniture for wellness and an oasis of pleasure

Stylish bathroom furniture is functional and practical and, at the same time, bathroom furniture represents a newly acquired cosiness and comfort. This is because, the feeling of being at ease is at the top of our requirements, in spite of having different desires with regard to bathroom furnishings. This is also applicable to bathrooms, which are designed to be purely functional and easy to maintain, or which are conceived as a sophisticated oasis of wellness. The bathroom must always be much more than only a simple wet cell. It is now being considered as a living space and a habitat, whose aesthetics must go well with the other rooms. It is for this reason that nowadays, a lot of attention is being paid to the furnishings of the bathroom, at the time it is being designed. This is reflected in the design of the individual pieces of its furnishings. The functionality of the bathroom furniture is defined by a purist design: Geometric shapes and surfaces without decorative flourishes, appear peaceful and tidy. Its comfort feeling is increased through the use of light, friendly colours and by incorporating natural materials such as wood into it. Nowadays, the bathroom is defined by unobtrusive aesthetics, which is expressed through the interplay of simple design and delicately processed materials and so, they create a seamless transition from the living room and into the bathroom. In much the same way, one need not forgo technological comfort in the bathroom any more: Washing stands with a mirror and integrated cabinets can already be fitted with illumination and speakers, which can be digitally controlled through an app. If you now have got a few ideas about how you would like to furnish your bathroom, then take a look at the comprehensive offerings at Red Dot 21. In our online offer, you can find extraordinary designs which can be purchased online directly via the links to our partners.