Bathroom accessories

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Bathroom accessories for daily use

In this category of Red Dot 21, we introduce you to modern bathroom accessories like soap dispensers, shower shelves and towel holders. They have excellent designs. Through this, we would like to support you in the furnishing of your bathroom. This is because the range of fixtures and accessories is very large in specialist stores and in specialist online stores. It is for this reason that you need to intensively address this issue regarding your bathroom so that the products suit the room well and also meet your requirements. While doing so, the bathroom accessories must, in particular, be functional but must also be of your personal taste. The bathroom is nowadays not only a room that fulfils a need but is also a place where you feel comfortable.

Practical bathroom accessories for a well organised bathroom

Bathroom organising systems such as shower shelves, toothbrush holders and small organising aids keep things in their own place. So, the bathroom looks neat. This is because everything must happen quickly, particularly in the morning and so, everything must be within reach – whether it is the toothbrush, shower gel, towel or face and body care products. Practical bathroom accessories thus make every daily start easier and additionally, they keep the bathroom tidy and also help in cleaning the bathroom quickly. Through the use of closed containers, articles relating to personal hygiene are protected from moisture and dust. As the many products such as holders for towels, toilet paper rolls, soap or even small mirrors can be affixed without problems and also without boring holes, you can protect your tiles and other smooth surfaces. A further advantage of items fitted with suction cups is that they can be affixed quickly and they hold tight. If you are particularly interested in your safety in the bathroom, you should install slip-free shower mats or fit additional hand grips in the bathtub and in the shower cubicle. Lights and electronic devices like radios should also be designed for use in the bathroom.

Customised bathroom accessories for your personal style

Leading manufacturers and designers offer a large selection of jazzy bathroom accessories that can convert your bathroom into an attractive room. The implementation of your own ideas is therefore unlimited – independent of whether you want to be guided by your own personal style of living or if you want to orient yourself to current trends. This is because suitable bathroom accessories are available for simple and understated furnishings, for a modern style or for playful, romantic styles. One who desires a natural bathroom will select accessories made of wood and ceramic, chromed bathroom accessories represent timeless elegance, small baskets with dark metallic elements are decorative and give a Mediterranean flair. Those who love maritime bathrooms should use blue-white products and wood. Products made of bamboo or elements with far-east motives make a bathroom into a wellness oasis quite quickly. In large bathrooms, plants can lend a special touch. There are special bathroom accessories for children as well, such as stools and shower mats. They are generally colourful and make you happy by just looking at them. They do not only look beautiful but also guarantee safety for children in the bathroom. Decorations and wall paintings with animals suitable for children make the bathroom friendly and provide the right environment for children to learn to brush their teeth and to wash themselves while playing. If we have been able to inspire you in the selection of your bathroom accessories, then take a look at the comprehensive online offerings of Red Dot 21. Exceptional products that have been awarded a Red Dot by an international jury of experts; they are also marked as such. This is also applicable to those products that you can purchase directly online via a link to our partners.