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Design for bathrooms and guest toilets

If you are looking for high-quality bathroom fittings, bathroom furniture and products for your personal hygiene for bathroom or guest toilet, you should take a look at this category. Here you will find products by well-known manufacturers which will allow you to make the most of your bathroom – without immediately having to rebuild your home. For a few years now, bathrooms have been undergoing a transformation from the necessary, but unloved wet room to a fully-fledged extension of the living space. The reasons are manifold: on the one hand, there is a general trend to self-optimisation, which has led to bathrooms being used for more than just personal hygiene so that they now also include wellness and celebrate personal grooming. On the other hand, people’s homes are increasingly becoming the focal point of (analogue) social activities. Flats or houses therefore take on a representative role, are lovingly decorated and proudly presented when guests visit. Bathrooms have accordingly gained in importance and take up ever more room – not only in our awareness, but also in reality. In older buildings, walls are moved in order to create more space for the bathroom, in new builds the plans foresee generous-sized bathrooms right from the start or even integrate them into the bedroom. However, at least in Europe, bathrooms tend only to be fully renovated every twenty years. So it makes sense to invest in quality and design when selecting bathroom ceramics. For homeowners, it’s worth bearing in mind long-term planning. A family bathroom looks different to one planned for singles. Moreover, if you want to stay living in your home when you are older, you should consider bathroom accessibility in good time or should plan a so-called bathroom for all generations right from the start. You will find suitable designer bathroom products for all these eventualities on Red Dot 21.

Bath furniture and wellness accessories: Give your bathroom a face-lift

You can turn your bathroom into a “wellness oasis” without going for a complete rebuild by using simple tools such as bath furniture, lighting or accessories. Every bathroom can become a feel-good space if you just follow a few general principles. Wooden highlights, warm colours and clean lines, for example, are stylistic elements that create a relaxed atmosphere and can quickly turn the bathroom into an oasis of peace and relaxation. With a few simple objects and designer bath furniture even a small room can be upgraded. For furniture and fittings, bathtubs and showers the same rule applies: keep them as simple as possible and as complicated as necessary – in other words, they should be functional in the best sense of the term. The use of colours also plays a significant role. White, cream or shades of beige are all timeless, but can also quickly become boring. A targeted use of colour can create lovely highlights that, in combination with other furniture and accessories, help to overcome the sterile, wet-room character of bathrooms. From a functional point of view, a new showerhead may already provide that additional wellness feeling so that you don’t necessarily need to go for a massage bath or a sauna – though they are, of course, options. Today, there is a large selection of suitable products for all sizes of bathroom. The “Bathroom” category here on Red Dot 21 offers many different designer products that harmoniously combine function and aesthetics to help you to create a space for relaxation. Many of these products, including bathtubs, showers and toilets as well as bathroom cabinets and soap dispensers or shavers, toothbrushes and hairstyling products have won a Red Dot Design Award. Some of the recommended products can, incidentally, be bought online from one of our partners simply by clicking on the relevant link.