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In the Suitcases category on Red Dot 21, we present beautifully devised designer suitcases optimally suited to different ways of travel. Be it for that private summer or winter vacation or for a city tour or business trip, you can find a suitable travel bag here for when you’re on the move. Small handy suitcases are considered as hand luggage by most airlines today and may be taken along aboard. The bigger, somewhat bulkier bags find their way into the flight via the check-in counter and travel to the desired destination in the cargo bay. Different sizes with varying storage space are appropriate depending on the duration of the stay. The online offer is so vast that one is spoilt for choice. This category offers a nice overview of popular designs, which are currently winning the hearts of travel fans and are suited for various needs of the customers.

Find a suitable suitcase – choose the best features

Preparing for a journey should not end in stress, which is why it makes sense to think about the requirements you’d like a suitable suitcase to fulfil. An ideal piece of luggage that is specifically aimed for the travel will make the journey a pleasant one and will ensure that nothing stands in the way of that dream vacation. Thanks to the diverse luggage sizes and versatile equipment features that are oriented towards various travel purposes, it becomes easier to choose the optimal piece of luggage. Additional inside and outside pockets, meshes and beautifully structured, self-contained beauty cases help, for instance, to organise the luggage. Those who would like to carry a lot of clothes and travel accessories along on their vacation would be well-advised to choose a classic suitcase on rollers or a travel backpack. Travel backpacks offer flexible comfort, but are nowhere close to being as sturdy as a suitcase, which is the appropriate choice for the safe transport of fragile objects. Weekenders, carry-on trolleys, travel bags or special laptop backpacks for technical devices such as tablets, laptops or notebooks are recommended for brief stays and business trips instead.

High-quality suitcases with a long durability

Apart from the desired usage, one needs to keep in mind several other features while purchasing a premium-quality travel bag to ensure a long life. The manufacturing material should be resilient. The processing should be precise and of high quality as well, so that the suitcase remains durable and can survive the trips unscathed. This is because frequent rough handling while loading and unloading at airports is not uncommon. For longer stays, during which more weight is transported as compared with short journeys, it also becomes important for the suitcase itself to be lightweight – something that depends on the material as well. Innovative materials such as plastics or aluminium make real flyweights out of suitcases.

Popular suitcase designs

The times of dull and dreary suitcase designs are long gone: The product ranges of the manufacturers come with trendy features that captivate with a plethora of colour combinations. There are no limits to imaginative suitcase designs today and you will find trend styles in the market – from plain and sober to cheerful and sportive, – which offer the right model for absolutely any taste. A metallic appearance and flashy colours provide for a trendy look during long journeys and ensure that you recognise your luggage quickly at the baggage claim area. Plain black, grey or silver, on the contrary, are still considered to be modern for the classic holiday trips in the business world, which are available in increasingly more colour combinations and patterns. The conservative colours simply go better with the business outfit and are in more demand than ever in the form of weekenders and trolleys.

You can browse through our category and discover suitcases with a high design quality, which can accompany you on your next trip right away. The red button labelled “Go to shop now” indicates that you can order you desired suitcase in one of our partner online shops as long as stocks last.