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Functional toys for babies and children

In this category of Red Dot 21, we introduce you to new, and beautiful toys with excellent designs that are suitable for children of all ages. Children’s toys these days have an enormous range available for selection and parents are faced with the difficult task of finding interesting and high-quality toys for their kids at every stage of their development that are also a source of fun and joy for the young ones. At the same time, these toys have been designed to train the physical, cognitive and social skills of the children. After intensive research and experimentation, manufacturers and designers meet these needs by developing child-friendly products that are fun too. The modern and lightweight designs of many toys make the parents happy as well.

The right toys for all ages

Toys for infants and children form an intrinsic building block in the education of children and play a special role in every child’s life. The child gets to know about his environment by playing with them, also gets some experience and gains an understanding of the first rules and relationships. When a toddler slowly gets used to the new environment and is mainly dependent on the affection and contact of his parents, the first toddler toy activates his senses and enhances his vision, feelings, grasping and hearing power. Soft cuddly toys and teddy bears, as well as colorful play-trainers and playing mats are popular products in this section. The manufacturers provide the age indications on the packaging itself, which helps the parents select a suitable toy for their infants. This is also helpful when the child gets older and the his abilities and needs change: From the first year onwards, the focus is mainly on grasping and moving things, children from two years of age are physically very agile and curious about everyday activities. From four years onwards, children have a lot of imagination and can concentrate for longer periods of time and are usually engrossed in their own world of games. As each child also exhibits special skills and talents, parents can cater to these with appropriate toys: From the first musical instrument to sports accessories or learning and magic kits to toys on various subjects. In addition to the toys suitable for each development phase, there are also toys for various occasions such as travels, going to the restaurant or playing outdoors.

Natural and high quality toys for young and old

Keeping the health of the child in mind, the main focus should be on the quality of workmanship and use of good quality materials when selecting any toy. Products of established brands which have passed strict quality tests and comply with legal norms can be recognized from the seals of approval and quality certificates on the packaging that have been awarded by recognized institutions. An option for a “green” children’s room with the focus on environmentally friendly wood and natural toys has experienced a true renaissance in the child’s room for the last several years: Starting from the doll’s carriage to sales booths and up to train sets. Have you already come up with the idea to surprise your child soon? Great, then please take a look at the colorful online range of products from Red Dot 21. The most beautiful play products, which have been awarded by an expert jury in the “Red Dot Award: Product Design”; they have been marked as such. With these products, you can experience how designers continuously develop new ways of bringing innovation to children’s toys. Toys, which you can buy from us directly online, have been also marked.